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New changes to our Website has made a few changes to the site today, the start of many more to come over the next few months.

When our site first started we were lucky to file one story a day….now we’re producing several a day – and that’s on a quiet day!  With so many more stories, videos  and photos being uploaded we found that the first story of the day published at 5am was sometimes disappearing off the homepage before the end of the day. This meant our first priority was to add more news headlines to the homepage.

The second change was to widen the page – this means that videos will be displayed at the appropriate size and photos will eventually become larger too.

We’ve added the photo thumbnails to the top four stories, this is to make referencing faster for the news stories you want to read – with the added benefit of making the homepage look more alive.

Finally we’ve added an extra featured photo to the bottom of the homepage (now that the page is wider).

More changes to come…

A More Uniformed Look.  We have more changes to come to the site – including redoing the tiles on the page to make them all match – we’re well aware that over the years some of the tiles have become a bit mix and match.

Featured Videos.  Much like the featured photos we’ll very soon be adding Featured Videos, with our four most recent videos from YouTube displayed on the homepage – and not buried amongst the news stories.

Maps.  This is long overdue – but we’re working to provide you with a range of maps that include rain, wind, swells, sea temperatures, land temperatures – all entirely interactive so you can zoom in to your region, or zoom out to another country, whether for today or into next week!

Forecasts.  We are still a weather news service at heart but have been overwhelmed by the demand from you for us to provide forecasts right across the country.  We’re looking in to it and hope to get back to you in a couple of months.

Better Photo Gallery.  We’re also well aware that our photo gallery is clunky and not so user friendly – rest assured we’re already on to it and a new and better way of viewing our photos will be up and running in the next couple of months.

A Few Bugs.  Finally, while the changes to the site are happening there may be times when the layout looks a little funny or somethings don’t line up.  But don’t worry, we’ll be just updating something behind the scenes.  However if it is annoying you – or appears to not be going away – please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know as we may have missed something!

Time Line. Some of these jobs will take a few days, others a few months.  Each time we make a significant change, we’ll let you know – and as always, invite your feedback. would also like to thank Andy Burson from Hit Internet, who is based in Christchurch, and has managed to do some huge behind the scenes work over the past two weeks despite the recent earthquakes.



Chris Smith on 11/10/2022 9:07am

Hi, can you let me know when the Rain Forecast maps will resume full worldwide map info and in and out views of the maps, and the time line extended past a week to two weeks – I like the new daily timeframes – keep up the good work

Dave on 9/03/2011 4:00am

doesn’t look right for me. There are overlapping elements and the right border area is a bit messed up. Not trying to criticise your site, just telling you what I see!

WW Forecast Team on 9/03/2011 4:07am

No that’s good to hear (well not "good" but thank you for telling us!).

We’re aware of the bug with the overlapping photo and video images at the bottom of the page.  We’re also fixing the tiles on the right hand side.

Hopefully that will fix the issues you bring up.

Thanks for the feedback Dave

– WeatherWatch

Dave on 9/03/2011 8:03am

looks much better now! 🙂

Celtickiwi on 9/03/2011 3:26am

Awww WW this looks really good! I like the thumb nails, and being able to see other news that has been put up earlier is great!

Very professional folks – well done

WW Forecast Team on 9/03/2011 3:48am

Many thanks!

– WW

Daniel E on 8/03/2011 11:08pm

Hi Phil,

The new site is looking good. However, the mobile site still doesn’t seem to be working. Just in case you weren’t aware.


WW Forecast Team on 8/03/2011 11:35pm

Hi Daniel – thanks for that, we’re trying to figure out what’s wrong.  That’s the problem with upgrading, it always breaks something else down the line somewhere!!  Our apologies and we’ve sent it on to our web developer to get it sorted ASAP.

– WeatherWatch

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