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MetService website problems

Thanks for the feedback on this topic. 

We’ve had many enquiries lately about the MetService website being overloaded.

The other day Russell Turner, Chief Information Officer of MetService, called the Weather Watch Centre to explain. 

Mr Turner says staff have been working around the clock on a new system that can handle the huge volumes of traffic their site receives during severe weather events.  He says there have been a few issues that weren’t anticipated which explains why the site hasn’t been functioning for much of today.

A new “back up” site has also been built.  Many people today would’ve seen the basic website which displays important information such as weather warnings.  This will now come up when the main site is overloaded.

“We recognise the impact this is having” says Mr Turner.  “We’ve been working like crazy to get it fixed”.

He hopes the current upgrades will be up and running soon and no longer will people have to worry about not being able to access information during severe weather events. will also continue to bring you the latest weather news and observations at regular interviews during all major weather events.

Thanks for the call Russell, good to know a solution is just around the corner.

The team @ Weather Watch


Mark Billington on 5/12/2021 10:06pm

I love using the met service BUT what really annoys me is the predictions of, for example, rain in the afternoon never usually matches when I scroll down to see roughly when and how much rain there will be . Are there two separate met service employees doing to separate predictions ???

Ed Holter on 28/03/2020 8:25pm

Its completely collapsed at the moment , but typical of this lot , dont even respond to emails when You can get thru

Linda Zander on 5/06/2019 5:10am

Metservice have been down for 10 hours today, which included a tornado in our back yard. Not what you expect from a public service. Please explain.

Guest on 23/07/2009 12:02am

Over 4 months later, and the website’s performance hasn’t markedly improved. It’s still essentially inaccessible during significant weather events (when it’s most needed).

Polly on 6/03/2009 9:59pm

Good to see they are investing in capacity but I’d say they got caught with some bugs. I got this from another weather forum – someone who spoke to the CEO of MetService. Looks like a refresh of the look and feel is coming too.

‘Have just received a message from Paul Reid, CEO of Metservice re: the web site which is self-explanatory – improvement is just around the corner:

“Hi Peter, thanks and we know. The website has been under pressure for the last 10 months so we have just spent a lot of $$$ doing a full re-architecture of the back end. That went live last week, after extensive testing, and should triple the capacity, HOWEVER. There are a number of bugs that were not found during testing. A number of them relate to hardware. New servers will be installed and working by noon today. Hopefully the other problems are fixed by tonight. With an approaching weather front we will revert to the old system tonight if it‚Äôs not working. This will limit the amount of visitors we can handle and you will be redirected to the backup site with basic information.

I know this does not solve everything but hopefully the issues you have experienced will be fixed shortly. The next step is to redesign the front end to make it more user friendly, however this is at least 10 months away.

Feel free to use these comments on any weather forum you belong to.



Nick Goloborodko (IT Pro) on 6/03/2009 9:06pm

For all of the people complaining about performance of, let me make a small comparison:

Think of it as rush hour traffic – sure, we can build 10 line motorways going both directions – and then the traffic will be flowing freely even during the rush hour. But the cost is prohibitive, and arguably these money would be better spent else where. Same principles apply here – and as with many things in life it is a trade off. There are plenty of other sources where you can look up the weather forecast (teletext, – the list is endless…).

And to the MetService – thank you guys for doing a great job and being a source of valuable information!

Geetarman on 6/03/2009 7:04am

Good responses today from Wellington region. But maybe you should move your new systems to Auckland – thats where the populuation is and most of the rainy weather. But certainly is way better now anyway.

Woody on 5/03/2009 9:55pm

I’m sorry Mr Turner your comment that Metservice have “been working like crazy” just doesn’t wash any more. The same problems arose during last years South Island snow storms and for events prior to that.

Come clean. Metservice you are under funded and under resourced, the sooner you and NIWA get merged the better for the NZ public. It would be a much more efficient use of funds.

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