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Last week’s event – How’d we do?

Weather was stormy last week for a fair chunk of the country and we’d appreciate any feedback on how we covered the event and what we could do better, what we did ok with and what you might like to see in the future.

The Canterbury snowstorm was the biggest event last week however there was flooding and high winds on the West Coast, thunder and lightning in Wellington, freakish tides in Auckland and parts of Nelson, Wairarapa and the sou’ west corner of the North Island also saw fairly wild conditions from time to time.
Gisborne and the Waikato had their moments and even parts of Northland and Auckland has some heavy showers with rumbles of thunder in isolated areas.

In March we publically stated that this Winter could see cold southerly and snowy outbreaks and on Tuesday we issued a storm alert mainly for the Canterbury region.Do warnings such as those work for you?

We’re always looking at improving our site and this is where we’d really appreciate your help.Our Facebook viewers seemed to make the most of our page but did we provide enough updates and valuable information for you?
We were perhaps a little gunshy on Twitter and would more information have been far more useful for you?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!




Guest on 11/06/2012 6:57am

I have not followed this site in the past, but have become increasingly concerned about the lack of accuracy offered by the met service especially for the events of last week. Their forecast was more in line with that of being a small event with snow to about 300 m. What happend and what we were warned about did not match and has been a concern of mine for many years. It is interesting that the tv weather, the radio weather bulletins and this site forecast weather with snow to sea levels. Our alpine passes need some attention as far as forecasting. Skiing, high country, cities and rural have their own detail, but our alpine passes are missed out completely. I will be watching this site very closely and will be comparing forecast with actual with great interest

Dave on 11/06/2012 2:46am

This is just what we need in a weather reports.
Keep up the good work.
Dave (Waikanae)

Paul on 11/06/2012 2:05am

I’m always fearful of the ‘boy that cried wolf’ syndrome. I remember in the 90s that the MetService didn’t accurately forecast snow to low levels in Canterbury and incredible damage was done. Conversely, now it appears (in the past 20 years since that event) that any ‘hint’ of snow is immediately upgraded to the worst case scenario. Obviously to save the possibility of a ’92 all over again.

This time, I’d have to say every effort was made to be spot on – though – the numbers changed quicker than I’d care to make accurate references for. One day BIG event the next day not as big – then hours later BIG event (again).

I understand how finicky the forecasts are – so I accept that. Many may not! Most farmers (that I talk to) still have very little faith in the MetService or any computer guidance models – and that’ll stay for a long while yet – possibly for as long as NZ is an isolated island!

ZL4PLM on 11/06/2012 12:05am

I’d say your forecast was spot on

I planned accordingly and we got the snow predicted… but we were ready!


Sheree on 10/06/2012 11:08pm

I thought you were great and kept me up to date with all weather scenarios.

I’m so impressed with WW and you’re my first port of call.


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