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Last Sunday of summer – overall how do you rate the season?

Officially the summer season finishes by the end of this coming Wednesday and we’re fortunate that we get an extra day as it’s a leap year !!.

Before we move into Autumn there has been a lot of talk about how poor this summer has been but was it really that bad over the whole country?.

We know it began very warm and settled in the far south and especially throughout the Xmas and New Year period, at a time when much of the north of the North Island was struggling to see consistent sunshine.

With 10 being the best and zero being the worst how would you compare the summer in your area?.

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karen on 26/02/2012 12:48am

to determine a good season or bad for us dairy farmers i would have to say a great summer. got the silage and hay in between showers. no drought. flies not to bad this year. paddocks still green not brown. cows still milking well. now looking forward to a beautiful autumn.

Guest Steve on 26/02/2012 6:52am

You have ticked all the right boxes for me from the rural perspective. While not a dairy farmer myself the beefies are doing very well on our small 20 acres in lower Northland. While our urban friends are missing more sunshine the mix for us has been great. I think autum should prove to be not too bad as well.

LM on 25/02/2012 10:16pm

I’d have to give Invercargill an 8 for the first 6 weeks of summer and a 6 since then. There’s still plenty of heat in the sun when it comes out so for me, autumn proper doesn’t start until mid to late March.

RW on 25/02/2012 9:33pm

Assuming a reasonable amount of sun for the last 3-4 days in Wellington, it will still only narrowly avoid being the cloudiest summer (and cloudiest February) on record – and that’s for 105 years of data. Along with higher rainfall due to several very wet days and lower than average temperatures thanks to a coolish Jan-Feb, it’s not a pretty picture. I have a formula which calculates an “index” for a month or season here, based on the monthly local values for temperature, rainfall and sunshine. I expect it to show the lowest score since the mid-1970s (1975-76 and 1976-77 were both very poor).

It is possible that expectations have lowere a bit in recent times, as we haven’t had a normal quota of sunshine in summer here since 2008/09 (though the Marches have been doing well).

Melissa on 25/02/2012 9:32pm

Rate this summer 6 out of 10
Temp was nice, odd bit of rain helped things from getting too dry. BUT I so missed the sunshine, is the sun having a recession too!
Had the best Christmas day weather that I can remember in a long time here in Kapiti, as we usually have drizzle and soggy sausage’s for our Xmas Day BBQ.
Autumn is usually my favourite season but, I really only enjoy it when i’ve had enough of the hot summer sun. So feel a bit cheated really.

sw on 25/02/2012 8:52pm

If everyday was like yesterday it be negative infinity,with the easterlies and northerlies it brings it back in the positive,especially february would be an 8 bar yesterday,about a 3 overall because of January mucked much of it up especially the 1st and last week.

Glenda on 25/02/2012 8:32pm

I give it a 7 since the easterlies stopped blowing here in the north we have had two months of pretty dry and sunny weather. Two good lots of rain to top the tanks just when things were getting desperate. Not as cloudy as Auckland either as the cloud from the west seems to break up before it gets to the east coast.

WW Forecast Team on 25/02/2012 8:58pm

Thanks Glenda and good to have a happy customer 🙂


David on 25/02/2012 8:25pm

This years summer in Wellington would be 6 /10.
As I walked my Labs this morning and watched a top dressing plane doing its work in the distance I could see mist rolling over the hills, I thought – Autumns here.
I stood there and came up with this –

The autumn mist comes rolling in
Like greying beard on unshaved chin
It’s cooler now at months end
No summer heat to drive ’round bend

Where did our February summer go?
All cloudy days and wind you know
Just not like that most summers past
Veges wilting and browning grass

The shorts were on ocassionally
No sunburn spots upon my knees
Sunblock lotion kept at bay
by cloudy days and mist so grey

What does this autumn hold for us?
Weather not too bad? What’s all the fuss?
Winters next with all its chills
With any luck snow on the hills

But for now as Labs get walked
I look around with lots of thoughts
I see the mist come rolling in
Sun glows orange as I look and grin

Summers gone but not too long
I carry on the suns glow strong
Labs lick my face to wake me up
This autumn mist could be good luck

Enjoy the day all.


WW Forecast Team on 25/02/2012 8:59pm

Great stuff David and what a talent you have!



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