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Is it time to stop changing the clocks?

Twice a year we change our clocks.  During the autumn and winter months, we are on Standard Time.  During the spring and summer months, we shift the clocks foward so that sunset is an hour later.  We call this Daylight Saving Time.

Whilst Daylight Saving Time has its advantages, it also has some major drawbacks.  Studies in the US have shown the “spring ahead” can have a huge negative impact on a person’s health.  Changing the clocks back and forth twice year can also be very inconvenient.

So, as we approach our return to Standard Time this Sunday, we would like to know how you feel Standard Time, Daylight Saving Time and about the clock changes in general.

Is it a big deal to you to changes your clocks twice a year?  Are you happy to be going back to Standard Time?  Do you like Daylight Saving Time?  Would you consider going to Daylight Saving Time year round?

By WeatherWatch Analyst Howard Joseph


Bob Gray on 26/03/2012 7:38pm

The french stay an hour ahead all year around and then add daylight saving to that. It works very well and gives them those wonderful long lingering evenings. Viva.

LynWood on 26/03/2012 5:31am

for the first 25 years of my life and on moving to NZ in 1957 really missed having that extra hour of daylight during the summer months. Was delighted when daylight saving was finally introduced here and would hate to lose it. No problem adjusting the clocks twice a year and always feel much better once we “spring forward”.

Peter of Dunedin on 26/03/2012 4:35am

Daylight saving should coincide with the equinox dates. It’s silly and counterproductive to have daylight saving lingering on beyond these dates, especially the changover from daylight saving to standard time in autumn.

Guest on 26/03/2012 2:10am

I actually really like having the change of clocks although it DOES knock the ol’ body clock around a bit. I have animals and having the extra time in the evenings through the summer is invaluable but I have to admit that I am now really starting to struggle with how dark it is in the mornings. So my vote would go with please keep it as it is now.

Dave on 26/03/2012 1:14am

I like it but don’t think it would work all year round due to the darkness in the mornings.

I do think it could be extended and maybe have only 3 months on standard time. Cheers Dave

Guest on 26/03/2012 12:06am

It’s only an hour and if we didn’t change it, then it would be daylight before 5am in the middle of summer and pitch black at 8:15am in the middle of winter.

I don’t think many people would want that.

sw on 25/03/2012 11:01pm

Probably make no difference this year given this summer.Maybe could be done according to the weather generally but then again its too hard.

Chantal on 25/03/2012 10:25pm

Im happy getting an extra hour sleep going back to Standard Time. I prefer we stay with it. For some people is it confusing changing forward and back. We should just keep it to standard time all year round.

Nic on 25/03/2012 10:23pm

Changing the clocks twice a year is a minor inconvenience but worth the hassle. If we had daylight savings time all year round children would be walking to school in the dark in the middle of winter. I always feel ready for the change at both ends and personally putting the clocks forward for summer has a very positive impact on my mental health!

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