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Hot at the neighbours but not here!

I’m sure we’ve all done it from time to time when we look at the temperatures for the day and wonder why some towns or cities close to us get a really hot day and yet we can be left in the cold or vice versa!

Aucklanders yesterday enjoyed 24 degrees and yet further north Whangarei hit 27 and out east, Tauranga clocked in with an even warmer 28.The southwesterly prevailed for most of the day in Auckland but the southwest winds had more land to cross to get to the other two cities, therefore creating more warmth.

A more extreme example on a slightly different note was over the mainland with Christchurch hitting a top of 33 degrees and yet further down the coast in Oamaru, it was a struggle to get to 20 for most of the day.Now the winds came in from two different directions in the urban centres and often its difficult to forecast when the warmer norwester will break though.The garden city got it full blast and the North Otago town escaped the blustery intruder and enjoyed a pleasant seabreeze instead.

It’s often when the seabreezes fail to leave or the warm norwesters are blowing in one place and not the other that can make a difference of up to 10-15 degrees.For those who don’t enjoy the heat, the cooler air is welcome and yet for others, it’s so frustrating waiting for the heat to arrive!

Today looks like a similar day to yesterday but it wont be long until some of us will be grabbing a raincoat, as the wet stuff might arrive at some stage during the weekend.

Weather Analyst – Richard Green


Derek Butcher on 8/01/2009 2:16am

This has got to be the best Whangarei summer for a few years, cannot remember so many blue sky hot days in succession for years, and I mean hot, yesterday afternoon was an in the shade time and today is even more so.
People up here on holiday must be thoroughly enjoying it and maybe getting too much sunburn.

I am hoping that tropical front does not eventuate into much as it will be a shame for this good run of weather to end. Once any easterly stuff comes in it usually hangs around for days so maybe it just may dissipate or veer off somewhere else.

I judge from the comments coming in that your site is gaining much popularity and so it should, you give a good service, very accurate and one we can relate to.
Maybe you should take over the TV weather bulletins and give some consistency and accuracy to them.

Great work by you and your team.

WW Forecast Team on 8/01/2009 3:18am

Thanks so much for your comments Derek and what a spell you guys have had in the far north and it looks as if there might be a little break in the dry spell soon, so lap it up while you can!

Kind Regards

Richard Green

Razor on 7/01/2009 10:55pm

Not even lunchtime and temps in Canterbury are already well into the mid 30’s….could be some records broken today!

Barrie Herlihy on 7/01/2009 10:12pm

Yes it looks like a tropical low is moving down onto the winterless north on Friday.
I can say that I might not be the most liked person in the South Waikato (TOKOROA) when I welcome the rain Friday night and Saturday. It will lower the Fire Weather Index and provide a little welcome rest for me as well as safety for our rural people.

WW Forecast Team on 8/01/2009 3:16am

Hi Barrie,

Yes I can imagine some people frowning with the potential rain coming but it’s more important to keep that fire risk at a manageable level.

Let’s hope rain falls on the parched paddocks further south around Canterbury with the cool change due over the weekend too!



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