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Hay fever rife this season

Many people across the country and in particular over the Mainland, seem to be suffering from hayfever during this last Spring but hopefully there’ll be an easing soon.

Runny eyes, sneezing and tingling sensations are just some of the symptoms and many people this year seem to be complaining who don’t usually suffer from the seasonal onslaught.

This year’s pollen season appears to be longer than a number of other years, especially in the south and slowly the conditions are expected to improve in the lead up to Christamas and beyond.

Canterbury is often where the pollen count can be high moreso during nor’ west wind conditions blowing across the Plains.

Pollen conditions today are likely to be moderate over much of the north and perhaps a little higher in the south but when warmer and drier winds return, it’s expected to climb for a brief period.





Hamish on 5/12/2011 5:19am

I haven’t had any hay fever problems over the past 3 years living in Christchurch, but this past week has given me loads of trouble. Picked up some Telfast but didn’t seem to be that effective. Now in Auckland with some nice cool rain and much needed relief for the past week in Christchurch! Keen to know why it’s been especially bad in Canterbury this year? Cheers.

Leighton on 4/12/2011 7:22pm

Hey Team

Yes it sure is a very bad season personally for hayfever. I have suffered from it most my life and this season it is by far the worst. Yesterday actually being my worst day ever, non stop sneezing and itchy eyes as well as going through numerous hankies. My right eye almost completely shut on me yesterday and it felt so bruised and swollen due to endless rubbing (that i cannot avoid). Woke up this morning to gunk all around it like conjuctivitis (can’t spell). Feels very tight and am hoping it will find its way wide open later today with a change of conditions here in CHCH. Bring on this much needed rain!

Chris on 4/12/2011 11:28pm

You don’t have to suffer like that, there are some excellent medications and drops that will help with the eyes and will give you almost instant relief, least they work for me.

Melissa on 4/12/2011 6:46pm

I have to agree it’s been a bad time for hayfever, hasn’t been this bad or lasted as long for a couple of years.
I seem to be keeping the hayfever med’s company’s in business as all that stuff ain’t cheap!
It started with the pine tree pollens, followed by the grasses (major sneezy time) now more grasses? ( major itchy eye and sneezzy time)
Problem is I love gardening and also keeping my windows open for fresh air overnight, both NOT recommend for hayfever sufferer’s.
Don’t people move to Arizona to get away from all this? Wonder where in NZ is allergy friendly?
I’m on the Kapiti Coast, blame it on the more nw/n winds?

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