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Gales, heavy rain, approaching New Zealand

Severe gale force winds and heavy rain is approaching New Zealand from the west as a storm system continues to rapidly develop. is closely monitoring the system and will have extra updates across Sunday as it moves in.

The strongest winds are likely to be between Canterbury and Wairarapa from noon Sunday to early Monday with heavy rain lingering in some regions well into next week.

MetService has 14 rain and wind warnings out, predicting gusts in the east up to 130km/h and up to 400mm of rain in the west.

It’s the first storm to hit New Zealand in several weeks after what has been a quiet June and July for many.


JohnGaul on 31/07/2010 7:13am

35 years ago was the “Big Blow” over Canterbury.
Will tomorrow deliver?


Ken Ring on 1/08/2010 12:13am

On 1 August 1975 there was a huge N/NW gale, with the Moon and planet Mercury sitting at the same declination, parallel in astrological language. Same case this time. Each time this planetary coinciding only lasts for that day. The last time it happened was 12 July, and on that day Christchurch recorded a 34km/hr wind. The next time parallel Moon/Merc comes around again will be 27 August, so there is the potential for more gusty weather then. Weather is cyclic.

Gary on 2/08/2010 1:23am

…and what, pray tell, is significant about a 34km/hr wind?

Ken Ring on 2/08/2010 9:52am

Look up the Beaufort Scale. 29-39km/h means a fresh to strong breeze. Many white horses, spray, time to head for shore if in a small boat, tree branches on the move on land. For a recorded force of 34km/h taken at the airport, you could add 10km/h for the coast and more for out to sea. It was 34km/h around 1-2pm on 12 July, when the moon was just at midheaven, exerting greatest gravitational pull that day.

Gary on 3/08/2010 3:36am

Fresh breeze, not strong and three (3!) beaufort numbers away from a gale, which is what this topic is about, and you’re talking about a gust, not a 10 minute mean wind which is the basis for the scale. You comments become even more ridiculous when you claim that it is Mercury, the smallest planet in the solar system which is causing it. Are you laughing when you type?.

Ken Ring on 3/08/2010 2:16pm

It isn’t wise to scorn what you haven’t studied, what seems new. But ancient texts many thousands of years old from different parts of the old world mention the Mercury/moon wind effect. You don’t have to believe it, but allow that other cultures may have different viewpoints. There are also many immigrants to NZ who retain these cultures, and you disrespect them by your intolerance. There is no need to be so unkind.

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