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Funny – It takes all sorts…

On Friday we published a story about Australia becoming drought free.  After years of drought for the country over recent times some Australians have been wondering why it has been so severe.

One reader even wrote to a local community gazette… 

When I was a kid we never had a drought.Then we started with daylight saving.We started with just a little bit but now we have six months of the year with daylight saving.

It has just become too much for the environment to cope with.It is so logical. For six months of the year, we have an extra hour of each day of that hot afternoon sun.

I read somewhere that scientific studies had shown there’s a lot less moisture in the atmosphere which means we get less rain.

I believe this one hour of extra sun is slowly evaporating all the moisture out of everything.

Why can’t the Government do studies on this or better still, get rid of daylight saving.

They have to do something before it’s too late.

Chris Hill, NSW

We think it’s lucky that Australia is now drought free or there could be all sorts of consequences!.



Guest on 30/04/2012 12:46am

just hope this one doesn’t breed!

Zelda Wynn on 28/04/2012 2:56am

Unbelievable that someone can think this way. Stupid thoughts.

LM on 27/04/2012 9:58pm

Haha! And there are some who think that daylight saving fades their drapes and furniture too.

David on 28/04/2012 4:30am

Is that what causes it, and I thought it was too much full moon.

I’ll remember to keep the curtains drawn when daylight saving starts this year.


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