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Friends of WeatherWatch: ZM’s Megan Sellers

Megan Sellers is part of ZM’s breakfast crew and has been a supporter of WeatherWatch since it first got off the ground 10 years ago.

Megan has supported us for a long time and is a genuinely honest, funny & smart broadcaster – what you hear on-air is the same Megan in real life!

ZM targets a younger audience than say The Hits does, so for if we get interviews on ZM it’s often about snow affecting ski fields, or summer heat affecting concerts and events.

Megan works with Fletch & Vaughan…you can visit the ZM website or tweet Megan directly here:  @Magoogoo

Thanks for filling this our for us Megan!

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– CNN America’s senior meteorologist Chad Myers.


1) Where did you grow up, and what weather do you remember most from that time? 

I grew up in Nelson, I remember long, sunny days, with a nice dry heat. Not as much humidity as Auckland!

2) Which do you prefer: Sun, sand, heat – or Snow, ski fields and cold?

Sun, heat and sand!! Are you kidding! I grew up in sunny Nelson, I love the sunshine!

3) What’s the biggest storm you’ve been in?

I have been in a few cyclones in NZ, but one storm I remember was in Koh Panang in Thailand. It came from out at sea, seemingly from nowhere. Everyone had to run to their hotel rooms while there was the most intense thunderstorm I’ve ever seen! Thunder so loud, it felt like the earth was moving!

4) Do you like thunderstorms – or scary?

Usually I think they’re romantic and exciting but that Thailand one was next level! Let’s just say I wasn’t snuggling round a fire during that one!

5) Being on ZM’s breakfast show you get to travel a lot – what memorable weather have you experienced overseas or around NZ?

Oh damn, I already answered this question above, hold up… I did get to go to New York during the intense winter storm they had. Central Park was so breathtaking covered in snow, I was literally saying that out loud to myself when a local asked me if I was ok, and if I needed help. It was so cold, your cellphone battery would die when you used it outside, but my god, it was beautiful. The concrete jungle covered in pure white snow!

6) Your radio show starts early in the morning – how do you adjust to the very early starts? What time does your alarm go off?

My alarm goes off at 4am. I don’t know if you adjust, you know you just have to do it. I have a very strict routine in the morning, no time is wasted to optimise sleeping time! I make my breakfast and lay out my clothes the night before!

7) On a cold winters day – what’s an ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner?

I love bacon, on pancakes – healthy pancakes! Eggs, oats, and banana, wiz it up in a blender and you have pancake batter! I digress, so that’s breakfast! Lunch, homemade chicken soup probably! And dinner, roast pork belly with fennel crusted crackling! Shut the front door!

8) On a hot summer days – what is your favourite drink?

If i’m talking alcoholic, Pina Colada, fruit daiquiri or Black Russian!! Or just a Coke Zero!

9) You’ve lived in Auckland for several years now – using exactly 10 words – describe Auckland’s weather:

Don’t bother hanging your washing out unless you’re at home.

10) If it’s pouring with rain at the weekend are you “Yusss, sleep in!†or “Ohh stink, weekend ruined�

I like the rain, as long as it’s not every day, and as long as I didn’t have epic plans outside. So I would probably say, ‘yay movies in my PJs!â€


– Exclusive


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