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Extreme weather quiz

This weekend we are giving you multichoice questions regarding weather around the globe.

Which of the following is not a region where tropical storms typically develop?

A Indian Ocean
B Eastern Pacific
C Bay of Bengal
D Cape Horn

The worst tornado outbreak in US history took place in 1974. How many twisters touched down in the midwest and south during a 16 hour rampage?

A 12
B 60
C 147
D 200

Which country received a surprise hailstorm on Sept 3, 2007.

A Kenya
B New Zealand
C Iraq
D Norway

A circumhorizon arc is the technical term for a rare, rainbow-like feature. What is it said to look like?

A A fire
B A halo
C A tornado
D A shooting star

The longest dry period for a city in recorded history occurred in Arica, Chile. How long did the drought last?

A 2 days
B 2 weeks
C 2 years
D 14 years

On average how many times per year is New York City’s empire state building struck by lightning?

A 50
B 100
C 150
D 200

Which of the following is a real weather event.

A Thunder snow
B hail quake
C Hot ice
D None of the above

Which of the following was not an extreme weather event that took place in 2007.

A Miiddle East cyclone
B Snow in South Africa
C New York city tornado
D Record cold in England

How far do sandstorms originating in the northwestern Sahara desert,  often reach one of the following..

A China
B The Caribbean
C Hawaii
D India

On what planet have the solar system’s strongest winds been recorded?

A Jupiter
B Earth
C Neptune
D Venus

Good luck!



JohnGaul on 20/12/2009 6:51am

I got 6 corrects and 4 wrongs from this one.


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