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Drought – Ways to conserve water use

As drought conditions impact on numerous areas across the nation it’s important to try and conserve water as both urban and rural areas are now seriously affected.

Here’s some helpful advice on how we can all make a bit of a difference…

* When you run a shower, run the first water whilst it warms up in to a bucket. That water can be used for watering the garden or plants, etc.

* Limit showers to 5 minutes or less

* Limit flushing the toilet for number ones.

* When brushing teeth, use only the water you need to rinse the sink.

* Try not to run the tap down the plughole when you wash your hands.

* Use the dishwasher sparingly

* No watering of the garden

* Limit baths or keep water level low

These are just some suggestions and feel free to add more so that we can all be waterwise.




Guest on 14/03/2013 3:19am

We have started using hand sanitiser instead of soap and water to wash our hands!

WW Forecast Team on 14/03/2013 4:52pm

Thanks and what price is sanitiser?



Marise on 14/03/2013 3:07am

water can be pumped into a large container and I use that for my gardens, and fruit trees. Have nearly got a big enough hose now to catch shower/bath water for the gardens as well. If you have a few 10 litre buckets, put some fine holes in the bottom and put the collected water into it and sit them at the base of your young trees and they slowly water them ensuring a good soak.

WW Forecast Team on 14/03/2013 4:48pm

Nice idea Marise and a great helpful hint



Guest on 14/03/2013 3:05am

I’ve started washing up in a bowl in the sink, and pouring that water on my plants. Seems a shame to waste it & I’m sure the dishwash liquid helps somewhere along the line too.

WW Forecast Team on 14/03/2013 4:49pm

Not sure if the dishwash would be thoroughly enjoyed but a creative start with the bowl!



sw on 14/03/2013 2:32am

* Remain pongy by not having a shower

* Limit flushing the toilet until it jams

* When brushing teeth, use no water,leave it in the sink

* Try not to wash your hands.

* Allow dishes to pileup to the ceiling until it rains

* Watch your plants wilt

* Limit baths to your feet level

Guest on 14/03/2013 4:39am

Dont want rain – dont want summer to end. This is the best summer we have had in such a long time.. two previous years ago we was cheated out of them.. Now we got the sun and you complain.. Mark my words when the rains come – you will again complain too much – or floods – your never satisfied.. If NZer’s use their brain – plan for it.. I/ we did and we have the best crop of tomatoes and other veggies and potatoes.. our garden looks good and our water tanks for the garden works well. We have conserved water. WHY NOT! Use the old fashion way to help your plants with condensation on plastic and cool air at night great little dripper for the plants. Layout your plastic with stakes.. put a small weight in the middle (come on dont you remember your science) now go use google and research it and find the rest of your answer to this. Regards Larry

WW Forecast Team on 14/03/2013 4:51pm

Thanks Larry for the lesson and helpful hint (or reminder)

What a summer it has been 🙂



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