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Drought – Animals, birdlife, gardening – It ain’t easy

With drought conditions affecting a large part of the country how has your garden survived over recent weeks?

It hasn’t been an easy task with some areas seeing water restrictions. Bright sunshine has certainly been in abundance and hasn’t perhaps helped the situation.

Have your lawns browned off, burnt off or just turned to dust? Are you mowing less than this time last year?

What about some of the veges in the garden how have they coped or have you been able to water a little everyday to give them what they need?

One upshot possibly of the Big Dry is that the weeds aren’thanging about quite the same.It seems in some cases they’ve shrivelled up and died due to the heat and lack of water.
Flowers have been vulnerable and shrubs, although hardy, haven’t necessarily been looking the healthiest either.

It’s also been tough on birdlife and the lack of feed has been more than a challenge plus insects haven’t had the easiest of times during such harsh conditions.
Animals have also had to cope with the ongoing summer and seeking shade and having water nearby have been the first two priorities.
There have been reports of dogs being kept inside sun-trapped cars as their ignorant owners appear to forget about them when they’re out and about.
Windows in a few cases haven’t been lowered and the heat inside the car can approach fifty degrees. It is just so cruel and animals have to go into survival mode, if they can survive at all.

Then there’s the human population…It’s been a tough old time alright but back to your garden, your animals, birdlife etc – Are they struggling or are you finding effective ways of keeping everything in good order?



Grace on 27/03/2013 6:57pm

It’s been a pretty tough one for us. We grow organic herbs and vegetables on a non commercial scale and usually harvest seeds from the plants in summer for sale during the year. However, most plants and seeds were lost due to extreme conditions of the drought with heat, wind, and a massive depletion of soil moisture despite our best efforts to continue. Our rainwater tank supplies and alternative sources dried up months ago making it impossible to retain anything other than necessary water supply bought in for essential domestic use. We will revise our growing methods for next spring and summer to accommodate the climate changes that are said to continue. Aquaponics will probably be our best plan for sustainable growing in future and we will have this completed before next season.

It’s been very hard on the farm animals and birdlife here also. They all appear desperate for some relief and even the wild turkeys have been coming to the house for food and water which we are very happy to offer them. We noted our own family pets have changed their routines also and spent most of their days seeking relief from the dry, hot air and dehydration. Our dogs travel everywhere with us BUT they always have someone stay with them in the vehicle to ensure their wellbeing and safety. We also purchased a portable air cooling unit for them to be sure they are not overheating while travelling. That has been a real godsend! 🙂

Zelda Wynn on 26/03/2013 7:26am

Trying to keep order in the garden, the weather hasn’t effected the grass growth or the weeds. Interesting is the fact monarch butterflies are still laying & big fat caterpillars gorge on plants. A plantation of swan plants hogs my vege garden. Put water out for birds. Tui returns to banksia tree. Smaller group of pigeons visit as does the kingfisher. Blackbirds,thrushes sparrows all hang about water.

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