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Days are getting longer

Have you noticed the days are getting longer?  Right across New Zealand the sun is rising earlier and setting later as we slowly grind towards Spring. has crunched the numbers and worked out just how much more daylight we’re getting compared to the shortest day of the year which was just over a month ago.

  • Auckland:  An extra 27 minutes of sunlight.
  • Wellington:  An extra 32 minutes of sunlight.
  • Christchurch:  An extra 35 minutes of sunlight.
  • Dunedin:  An extra 38 minutes of sunlight.
  • Invercargill:  40 minutes of extra sunlight.

Currently southern New Zealand has around 9 and a quarter hours of sunlight a day while northern New Zealand has just over 10 hours.  This is due to the tilt of the earth and while winter days are darker in the south the trend is reversed in summer where the sun’s up for 14hours 41minutes in Auckland on the longest day of the year (Dec 22) but over an hour longer in Invercargill where daylight hours last 15 hours 49 minutes.

The days are currently getting longer by about 1 and a half to 2 minutes a day (between 11 and 16 minutes a week) and that time is speeding up every 24 hours as the sun continues its journey towards spending more time in the southern hemisphere than the northern hemisphere. 

This happens on the Spring Equinox in late September – which is when many people celebrate the start of spring (the astronomical start of spring). observes the meteorological start of Spring which in New Zealand is on September 1st – and some argue in northern centres like Auckland and Northland it starts even earlier if you go by the appearance of leaves, buds and flowers.


Guest on 25/07/2009 10:12am

Lets stick to the astronomical seasons – I know its hard in these media dummed days to follow the dates of where the sun is and at what point it is, but there is a reason for the seasons. Winter seems to start at Easter ‘because its cold’ and “summer” in early spring… lets get back to some old school seasons and enjoy what the weather does!

Diana on 25/07/2009 2:16am

Well, it was a cracker day this morning altho the ice was rather transparent this morning and became rather a heavy dew.

Right now some dark snow clouds are covering the northern side of Kimbolton/ Feilding and a drop in temps is being felt. This morning, we had some brief rain drops about 32 drops (lol) came as quick as it went.

There is a gentle breeze, time for gardening, yet the lawns and ground are so puggy. Spraying of fruit trees, roses to be pruned and what ever else takes your fancy before the next dump of rain this week I guess. Better make hay while sun is out shining. Back to work to night.( well for me anyways)

Matt on 25/07/2009 1:14am

Always look forward to it still being light at 10pm in summer.

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