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Cold front roaring up the country tonight

A cold front is tonight roaring up both coasts of New Zealand from the south and will bring heavy, squally showers to the west coast and a cold change to the east coast.

Heavy showers will again move into western areas from the West Coast up to Auckland bringing another night of disturbed sleep for some.

The rain or showers will be squally with gale force winds and hail.  Some gusts may be damaging to trees and powerlines.

This afternoon more power was cut this time in Bay of Plenty after winds exceeded 100km/h bringing down trees onto powerlines.

The showery conditions will start to ease tomorrow morning as the front zooms up the nation and clears the country to the north east however yet another cold front will quickly move into Southland tomorrow afternoon or evening and then into the North Island overnight and into Friday bringing more squalls to north and more snow to the south.

Reports having come in this afternoon of hail have come in from Christchurch as the southerly changed rolled through.  Conditions aren’t too cold though, with 10 degrees this hour.

Temperatures are dropping quickly in Southland with snow levels falling.  It’s currently just 2 degrees in Lumsden, 3 degrees in Gore and 4 in Invercargill with a ‘feels like’, or wind chill, temperature of -4 in the city.

Dunedin has 4 degrees too.




Jonathan Wilson on 22/09/2010 2:48am

It was snowing steadily last night around the hills suburbs in Christchurch & inland.

We had steady snowfall in Redcliffs (Moncks Spur Rd) from 10.30pm to 1am at 175 metres altitude….not really settling though….not quite cold enough and very windy. – Hovered around 1-2 degrees during the snowfall.

Brendan on 21/09/2010 7:40am

Is there much rain on the way for Tauranga tonight? thunder in the morning? the winder has slowed down for now, but more on the way?

WW Forecast Team on 21/09/2010 9:31am

No thunder but a few squally showers likely tomorrow morning.

Gusty winds will return too.  Calm in Auckland tonight as well… for now.


– WeatherWatch

David - New Brighton on 21/09/2010 7:30am

…for what it’s worth…weather conditions at 7pm: light nor’easter about 7Kts, 8 deg C, barometer steady , cloudy ( Ac/As/Cbs ( type incus) and some dense Ci/Cs across the Southern Alps to the far, far west….it’s a bit of a messy sky really, and the base seems quite high? It’s a real challenge for cloud study ,and it’s getting dark….. 8 – [

…and, we had Six (6) aftershakes today, all around the 3.0 mark….and I never felt one! 8 – D

…I can see an opening coming up here for some enterprising person , what with the hot weather coming on…..”Get your Aftershake, nice cold vanilla flavored Aftershake, come and get it!” ( Mmmm $ 2.50, extra with a straw….)

David - New Brighton on 21/09/2010 9:52am

Wind backed 9.05pm to a fresh SSW, temp 6 deg C, overcast, As ( moon visible through middle cloud cover)….

…but as I type this at 9.40pm, rain has just commenced, wind mod SSW and temp just hovering over 5 deg C, cloud thickened to dense As, moon no longer visible…8 – D ( thinks I might wait up up a bit in case it SNOWS! )

David - New Brighton on 21/09/2010 11:18am

As we only had a suggestion of sleet, tonight, I am off to bed… of course, like the proverbial pot on the stove, maybe, just maybe, it may snow, with me not looking( !) as the temp has fallen below 4 deg C since my last report, and it is still raining at present, albeit ,only very light …8 – [

Matt on 21/09/2010 6:49am

Just wondering if you expect Invercargill to see any snow before Friday?


WW Forecast Team on 21/09/2010 9:32am

Hi there – snow is possible overnight tonight and again tomorrow night/early Thursday morning…but the chances are much lower than they were on Saturday – ie, no repeat of Saturday is expected.


– WeatherWatch

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