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With our ever changing seasons, cloud formations in this part of the world are always on the move.

For some, clouds are a real fascination. A few just admire their sheer beauty and others take it a little more seriously, professional photographers will sometimes go out and chase to find the perfect pic.

Lenticular clouds are occasionally snapped and they mainly occur in eastern areas of NZ, as the lee side of the ranges create these particular formations and on more than one occasion they have been mistaken for a UFO!

There are many names for all kinds of clouds and at all different levels.Some indicate what weather is on the way but yet that doesn’t always hold true. How easy it would be for all of us if that was the case.

A friend recently visited our shores from the northern hemisphere and couldn’t believe first of all the clarity of the sky and clouds and secondly the constantly changing sky and that there was rarely a ‘dull’ day.

It’s easy to take it for granted but next time when you lift your eyes to the heavens, perhaps take a glance at the different types of clouds and see if you can name particular types. There are certainly plenty of them!


Zelda on 2/08/2009 2:52am

We have had an amazing display of many types of clouds today,animal shapes,people,shadows,curves and texture. Delicate and menacing clouds too.

sw on 2/08/2009 1:52am

In Auckland we only get a couple of varities of clouds,besides the common cumulus.Rain clouds or ones that block the sun mostly nimbostratus or stratocumulus,the rest that you mention on the east coast matamus,cirus,lenticular etc hardly are ever evident.

Phil Smith, Levin on 2/08/2009 12:36am

Well i must confess im a bit of a cloud nutter. Im always looking in the sky and its surprising what you see that others dont, i encourage people to always look to the heavens you never no what you will see

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