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Blog: WeatherWatch Inbox

Weather Analyst Richard Green answers your weather questions

We are moving from Sydney to Christchurch later this year in November and are wondering what the weather is like over there. We know it’s colder than here but how much colder?

Phil W- Rose Bay

Thanks Phil for getting in touch and may I suggest that the coldest months are behind you and the garden city is a lovely place during the summer months. Although cooler overall, the climate is drier and the sunshine totals are only a little less than Sydney. In Summer, daytime highs in Christchurch are generally between 20-25, but can go as high as 30-35 degrees during a Nor’ wester. In winter, frosts are common and followed by sunny days.There is also the occasional snowfall too, which is a rarity in coastal New South Wales I bet!. Temps in July top around 10 or 11 degrees but fall to near zero on many nights.
Enjoy the big move!

I have lived in Invercargill most of my life and I am sick to death of people giving us a hard time about it being so cold. I watch the temperatures on TV every night and I am convinced that we are not at the bottom of the heap. Please tell me that it isn’t true cos I want to have a word with that young Jim!!

Beryl – Sunny Invers

Well Beryl the facts show that the deep south is not the coldest overall and actually, Central Otago, the Mackenzie Country and the central North Island at higher elevations during the winter months, are colder than Invercargill. Summertime sees Milford Sound as the coolest during the warmer months. You keep yelling at the tele when Jim gives you a tough time!

I live in Napier and this winter has been pretty good when you look at what other places have had to go through. I love all the sunny days here and we lap it up! What sort of sunshine figures do we get here each year because I hear that Nelson and Blenheim seem to top the list year after year.

John Barton- Hawkes Bay

Well if it helps John, it appears that the Hawkes Bay region is one of the sunniest in the North Island. Although not as dry as some parts of the east of the mainland, sunshine hours are high and nudge 2200 hours a year frequently.Tauranga tops the list in the North Island, as it averages over 2250 hours a year (based on figures from 1968-1998). Nelson and Blenheim can top more than 2400 hours and near 2500 annually, which is an impressive total, considering we are just small islands surrounded by a mass of ocean. Nothing beats a sunny day in the Bay though and thanks for your question!


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