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BLOG: The sounds of summer…good & bad

By Philip Duncan

I was lying in bed this morning trying to enjoy a sleep in when a flock of birds started squawking right outside my bedroom window.

What’s one person’s lullaby is another person’s squawking nightmare. As I lay there wishing for a gust of wind to blow them out of the tree it got me thinking about the sounds that the weather and mother nature make that can be absolutely beautiful or absolutely horrible.

I’m not a very good sleeper…I need conditions to be perfect to fall asleep and so I find what’s happening with the weather is a huge help. The full moon lately has not been helping… while it’s a beautiful sight it certainly lights my room up into a glowing box which I find difficult to sleep in.

I also enjoy sleeping with the curtains open in one part of my room, allowing me to look up at the stars from bed. Of course at 4am I suddenly wake up to what looks like a car headlight in my face as the moon slowly passes by.

Obviously the moon has no sound but it definitely affects the way some of us sleep – and I’m sure those annoying birds this morning right outside my bedroom window were woken up earlier than usual too by its bright light.

CLICK HERE for my top 10 favourite and my 10 ten worst sounds of mother nature.

Very windy weather off Browns Bay beach
The sound of a rough sea maybe something soothing, or something annoying.  Image / Rose Taylor



sw on 4/01/2010 3:47am

What about the sound (and sight) of Flies and mosquitoes buzzing around:)

CHDAVIS-NZ on 4/01/2010 1:41am

I personally have never heard the sound of ice cracking or creaking… just thinking about this sound immediately makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, chilly – its like a warning sound.

I can only imagine it would be a sound a person would diffinately not want to hear were they on an ice shelf or iceberg, no not a good sound @ all.

CHDAVIS-NZ on 3/01/2010 11:31pm

I only have one sound I do not particularly enjoy hearing during the summertime and it is the sound of Cicada’s.

Well I read your personal list of worst summer sounds *smiles* it’s interesting to read what people like and dislike – ie; you do not like hearing the sounds of crickets or frogs… whereas I do enjoy hearing the sounds of them *chuckle* anyway….

If I think of anymore sounds to add to my worst list I’ll diffinately add them here… but for now Cicada’s are right there at top of my worst summer sound list.

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