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BLOG : Summer Outlook!


I’m even more certain that Summer has kicked off early this year after Monday saw temperatures rocketing into the LATE 20’s!  Central parts of the South Island reached 27 degrees while a number of other regions, especially Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay, Bay of Plenty and Waikato reached into the mid 20s.   A strong high is anchored firmly over New Zealand and will grow into a ‘super high’ by this Sunday, stretching from Southern Australian right over the Tasman and out over New Zealand.  Pretty amazing really!  Especially considering Spring is supposed to be very changeable.
There’s been a bit of activity in the northern Coral Sea, where an early Tropical Cyclone (name Guba would you believe!!) wandered around in circles before giving up and dying.  There’s still a lot of extra warm water up there and is the perfect breeding ground this La Nina to produce good rain soaked lows for NZ.  But with our Tasman Sea high blocking everything at the moment, it’s a safe bet that the next 7 to possibly 10 days will be quite sunny, dry and even hot!  The only part of New Zealand that’s likely to be reminded it’s still Spring is Invercargill and Southland with a few showers on Thursday and some gusty cooler winds about leading into the weekend as a low in the Southern Ocean bumps northwards.  Might also produce some gusty winds in the Capital.
With the clear skies I can’t stress enough the burn times – already at levels that the northern hemisphere PEAKS at in Summer!  Burn times for fair skinned people could be just a matter of minutes during the middle of the day.
GLOBAL WARMING – An incredible You Tube video
Now I don’t normally get into spamming people, but this video caught my attention.  I’m a bit of a fence sitter when it comes to Global Warming.  At times I think, ‘yep it’s definitely here, look at the Arctic melting, look at our glaciers disappearing, look at the violent storms all over the planet’…then the Augie Auer in me kicks in and says ‘weather is cyclical, everyone knows that, the earth cools and warms all the time, global warming is about politics etc’.
Well, whether you’re a believer or a non-believer – take 9 minutes out of your day and watch this really interesting theory.  The guy’s a little quirky – but give it a couple minutes and you’ll get hooked to his ‘presentation’ just like I did.   He makes a very good point.
Enjoy your summery Tuesday!



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