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PLUS – It’s the coldest time of year… but something summery is happening.

Occasionally I break away from the daily weather news stories and write a blog. It’s usually a chance for me to rant and vent and today’s blog is no different.
Nothing annoys me more these days than hearing every storm being blamed on Global Warming, caused by mankind. Last night on TV there was a news story about how global warming could be to blame for this week’s huge storm. 
I find this fascinating! I never knew I was so powerful!! This storm was made by ME!   In fact, it appears Mother Nature is resting up in a hospice enjoying the occasional magnificent sunset while us down here on earth go to work and without realising it, create every devastating weather event on the planet.
This certainly seems to be the way many experts (and non experts) seem to be going. NIWA blamed the flood earlier this year in Northland on global warming.   The major Hurricane season that spawned Katrina was blamed on global warming. The tornadoes across America this year were blamed on global warming.   Now, I MIGHT be wrong here… but I’m pretty sure – and don’t quote me here – but I’m pretty sure we had hurricanes, floods, droughts, tornadoes and snow storms before the year 2000.
Is global warming happening? Absolutely. Is man to blame for global warming? Maybe, maybe not. Does the weather get more extreme in warmer conditions? Sure. Does severe weather come in cycles that can last decades? Definitely. But I’m pretty sure Mother Nature has, in the past, and will, in the future, create storms that devastate towns and cities. Bola occurred without mankind… but 20 years later it seems every storm is a result of people driving SUVs. 
I’m not saying we aren’t contributing to global warming and I’m a huge believer in keeping our planet clean. We should be power efficient, we shouldn’t drive gas guzzling cars just to look good, we shouldn’t treat our one and only Earth as something disposable… but I believe Mother Nature has a lot more energy then we give her credit for.  
ANYWAY… on a more positive note. The coldest part of the year is upon us. Traditionally the 6 weeks or so after the shortest day bring us big frosts and plenty of snow. But here’s something to be positive about. The days are starting to get longer… a tiny wee reminder that Summer is starting to prepare itself…even if it is half a year away!
At this time of year our evenings get a little longer faster than our mornings get shorter. So although the sun’s only rising a couple of minutes earlier it’s setting quite a few minutes later. SO – most of the country can this weekend enjoy around an extra 15 minutes of sunlight from the shortest day.
Ahhh I can feel the heat already.   Have a great weekend!
– Severe frosts set to continue in inland South Island this weekend.
– Frosts return to many areas in the NorthIsland tonight as Tuesday’s storm moves well out into the Pacific.
And it’s the news Northlanders don’t want to hear. More rain and wind possible on Monday. (More details as soon we get them).



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