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It’s been a cold, gloomy, wet day for many Auckland suburbs as cloud, showers and drizzle are fed into the area by easterlies along the fringe of a large high pressure system.

Stunning weather has been reported around the country and although a little cool in some spots the sun has definitely been out.

But Auckland only saw a glimpse of the sun shortly after sunrise and then the clouds rolled on.

“I guess a lot of Aucklanders are feeling pretty ripped off today” says Philip Duncan, head weather analyst at the Weather Watch Centre.  “It was something that was always on the cards but we were hoping the winds would stay slightly more south east”.

The main band of light showers has moved into Northland this afternoon affecting mostly eastern areas.   Only very fine drizzle is being reported over Auckland.

“Tomorrow is looking better for Auckland although there’s still the risk of a small light shower – especially in northern regions.  Tomorrow should also be a degree or two warmer”.

So why is Auckland having this bleak weather when there’s a large high over us?  And don’t highs always bring sunny weather?  Duncan says the short answer is “nope!”  “Coastal areas – especially in Winter – can get a lot of cloud, created by the relatively warmer sea waters…and this is made worse on the outer edges of the high where winds can blow clouds in.   Unfortunately for Aucklanders the south easterly has shifted more easterly. This slight change in wind direction means the Coromandel Peninsula no longer blocks the cloud and showers and instead it sweeps straight in from the Hauraki Gulf and into Auckland”.


SW on 1/09/2008 5:47am

Its normal for Auckland Every year since I lived here,the rest of NZ is often clear except Auckland.Have to wait till January-March period for reliable weather.

Sarah B on 30/08/2008 8:39am

I dont mind the cloud… I finally managed to get out and ride my horse, something I’ve not managed to do for weeks now. I’ve only had him 2 months and I look after my 2 pre-school children full time, so don’t get to ride during the week…. every time a weekend comes around it seems to be wet and miserable and I miss out…. but today I rode him and we had a great time… it was so nice it was dry this afternoon…. roll on springtime! :o)

WW Forecast Team on 30/08/2008 9:38am

Hi Sarah B!

What a lovely comment to post.  So many of us get caught up in wanting 100% sunshine after so many weeks of rain – its really uplifting to hear that some of us can enjoy a good ol’ cloudy day!  🙂

Keep the comments coming – always love hearing from a new Weather Watch reader.



Sarah B on 30/08/2008 9:48am

Thanks Phil…. I’m from UK so you hardly ever hear me complaining about the Auckland weather! :o)

WW Forecast Team on 30/08/2008 11:11am

Haha!!   Actually, someone who frequently comments on the weather "RWOOD" who writes to my blogs often writes about how gloomy it is in the UK and how us Kiwis should pretty my toughen up!  I totally respect his views – I think we have it good here, even if it is a bit gloomy today!  🙂

Sarah on 30/08/2008 7:38am

How come Invercargill’s temperature have not been shown the last couple of days on the daily review? Southland has had a glorious day today and very warm.

WW Forecast Team on 30/08/2008 9:41am

Hi Sarah,

I take it you’re talking about our Daily Debrief?  We usually only talk about the absolute highest/lowest temps.  Richard Green prepares these fantastic daily updates – I’ll be sure to whisper in his ear about mentioning our most southern city!!  🙂




Rick on 30/08/2008 4:28am

I’ve heard this is also known as “anti-cyclonic gloom”.

WW Forecast Team on 30/08/2008 9:40am

Hi Rick – yep you’ve got it in one – "anticyclonic gloom" is very common in Auckland – even in Summer … especially in western regions.

Thanks for your comment!


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