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Ash cloud set to return

Some flights in New Zealand over the next few days could be disrupted yet again by further ash particles moving high above our shores.

Volcanoes in the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle chain in Chile continues to erupt, forming new clouds and also signalling further concerns for the aviation industry in a number of countries across the Southern Hemisphere.
Last week all airlines at some point grounded their planes for a period of time in different locations around the country.

The height of the new ash particles arriving in the far southwest corner of the country by tonight is similar to last week.
They are approximately at an altitude of between 4km and 5 km and although in recent days passenger backlogs have been cleared, it’s possible those queues may return this week.

Mt Puyehue is continually erupting in Chile with no let up in sight and delays for airlines may continue up to several weeks.




Guest on 19/06/2011 7:39am

My wife is from Argentina and there, the ash has fallen in huge amounts especially in Patagonia. The paddocks are covered in ash so deep that the sheep can’t get to the grass so are starving, also, perhaps worse…many sheep are carrying up to 3kilos of ash in their wool, when it rains, the ash sets like cement on them and the sheep are unable to move, so die… One farmer lost 40,000 sheep, all of them… stuck in ash cement.. his whole life fortune and investment down the tubes.. its a major disaster there..
Maybe kiwis should think about that when they next moan about a flight being delayed.

Guest on 19/06/2011 2:15am

Do you know whether the Ash Cloud at the moment heading our way is going to reach Auckland? I have been feeling so stressed as we have been looking forward for a whole year for our trip to the UK, haven’t seen my parents in 6 years…I know this is an act of nature and no one really knows but if you could at least give me some hope that our flights on Friday 24th from Auckland could be ok… giving me some indication as ro where the ash clouds are actually heading within NZ

Thank you
19th June

WW Forecast Team on 19/06/2011 2:21am

At this stage its expected to move into Fiordland tonight and slowly spread north over the South Island but the wind flows are making it a challenge to forecast specific areas further north. Last week the South Island was affected more overall.

Fingers crossed for Friday for you!


WW weekend team

Guest on 19/06/2011 1:04am

Good time to prepare for such and event happening in New Zealand.
For example Mt Ruapehu erupting during the Rugby World Cup!
That would be very unfortunate, all those fans stuck with no airplanes flying them in and out.
Better not think about that but better think about that trophy in OUR hands!

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