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Any signs of change yet?

With the weather set to deteriorate or already starting to change in some areas we’d be really interested to hear if you’ve noticed much in the way of developments taking place near you.

Large chunks of the country are expecting unsettled skies to move in and winds are likely to pick up for many regions.

Are there any ominous signs where you are at the moment or is it all relatively settled? What’s the temperature like and has it gone up or down since first thing this morning?

If you could let us know we’dreally appreciate it and we can let everyne else know what’s taking shape up and down the country.

Thanks in advance!




Lana on 5/06/2012 8:43pm

Amazing…no sign of snow at 6am this morning in Waipara, only rain when husband was deciding to go to work in chch. Now a constant flurry of snow and settling, only a few mm’s at this stage though.

Billy on 5/06/2012 7:23pm

Yay no school today and I can’t wait tp get outside and play!!! :-))))

Guest on 5/06/2012 6:21pm

About an inch on the ground here (coastal Ashbuton) and snowing really heavily!

rob on 5/06/2012 5:58pm

Started in the last 15 minutes, sitting on the lawn in a thin layer already.

Shelley on 5/06/2012 1:24pm

It has just started snowing and settling in Ashburton! Very, very cold, brrrr.

McRooster on 5/06/2012 11:50am

Looks like the temp is finally starting to drop in Christchurch and rain is steady. In reply to previous post, I also thought the moon looked funky last night, 1 minute it was full then a little under half of it was covered, was there a partial eclipse or something I was not aware of?

Guest on 5/06/2012 10:08am

Cold here in Dunedin on the flat but no rain for awhile and def no snow on the flat

Guest on 5/06/2012 9:50am

Hi there raining in blenheim sitting.around 11deg very mild i see south of seddon getting snow will blenheim get any if the wind stays south east met service is saying heavy snow warning.for marlbourgh and canterbry

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