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The West Coast is in for a soaking this week and one of our biggest high pressure systems on record is to blame.  The huge high (anticyclone), out to the east of New Zealand, is blocking the movement of a large rain band over the South Island’s west coast – meaning heavy rain is likely for a number of days.

Rain warnings have been issued for the wide area with trampers warned to avoid rivers and streams and locals living in the area are advised to watch for rising rivers over the coming days.


The high should move well out into the Pacific Ocean during Thursday and Friday but that will allow low air pressure to develop in behind it.  At this stage it looks as though it will be large in size – covering much of the Tasman Sea – but there does appear to be some uncertainty as to how severe it will get. 

The long relatively dry spell we’ve seen over the past week will certainly help with draining away further rain but the ground is still very wet in a number of areas.

Talk of more rain will not impress Aucklanders – and other kiwis across the country – who are are likely to have yet another wet weekend – about a 60% chance at this stage, which is pretty high. Auckland hasn’t had a dry Saturday and Sunday for three months.

 As to how wet, well that’s a wait and see game.  We’ll keep you posted!


LJ on 2/09/2008 9:58pm

“I’d consider ‘dry’ to be a day that you could paint outdoors. Drizzle doesn’t show up much on rain guages but can be incredibly wet for some!”

Then I don’t think we’ve had one since April :O) … actually :O(

weather-nut on 2/09/2008 8:34pm

“Auckland hasn’t had a dry Saturday and Sunday for¬†three months.”

I think this statement may be slightly misleading as it depends on how you define ‘dry’.

Of the 28 days during the last 14 weekends in Auckland, 8 recorded less than 1mm of rainfall, 3 of which received no rain whatsoever. Those 28 days also averaged 3.3 hours of sunshine, while only 3 received no sunshine at all.

WW Forecast Team on 2/09/2008 9:40pm

I take it you’re using Auckland Airport’s rain guage?  Other ones around the city have recorded more.  Basically we haven’t had a Saturday/Sunday combo without a rain cloud above.  Most Aucklanders I speak to are so sick of the rain that even one brief shower is enough to bring them down!!

Mind you – to be fair – last Sunday was lovely!

I’d consider ‘dry’ to be a day that you could paint outdoors.  Drizzle doesn’t show up much on rain guages but can be incredibly wet for some!



LJ on 2/09/2008 7:26pm

we’ve had rain every day for the week!
Will it ever stop!! argh!

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