Australia - NSW staying hot and dry in February

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The recent spate of hot weather across eastern Australia has broken numerous long-standing records in New South Wales and it's not over yet.

Australia: Sydney's neverending heat

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As school goes back this week the scorching summer-holiday-heat is sticking around.

From Monday to Sunday Sydney city is likely to average lows of 23-24 degrees and highs of 33. This is more than five degrees hotter than the January average of 19 to 26. 

Map: Australia's hot Monday morning Vs NZ's cooler Monday afternoon

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It's a hot day in eastern and south-eastern Australia while much of New Zealand has a cooler, windier, cloudy day.

The stark comparison is no surprise to New Zealanders after rare weekend frosts and heavy mountain snow in the South Island. In fact snow also fell on the North Island mountains.

Australia: Heating up across the southeastern capitals

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A couple of scorchers are on the way for Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney over the next few days. How hot will it get?

AUSTRALIA: Sydney swelters in record breaking temperatures

The last time Sydneysiders were subjected to such a hot morning commute, Robert Menzies was Prime Minister.

Sydney set its highest-ever 9am temperature on Wednesday, with the city reaching 36.5C, beating the previous record of 35C set in December 1955.

The sweltering morning came after a sticky summer night, with temperatures not dropping below 28C in the CBD.

Your Week in Weather Headlines - What's been making news this week

2017's weird and wild weather continues around the world, while at home we're still shivering through a somewhat chilly summer!

We began the week with our eyes on the skies - or, more accurately, space, as a

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The second week of the new year has certainly brought some big headlines - with 2016 taking on a new light, as data about earthquakes and temperatures have made headlines during the past few days

The first of these saw 2016 awarded 

Your Week in Weather Headlines - What's been making weather news this week

The last week of 2016 is coming to a close - a year that has been one out of the box weather wise, with temperature records broken, huge

Map: 7 day chance of rainfall for NZ & Australia

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This week ran a story with the headline Where are the rainmakers? Farmers showing signs of concern following several days of increasing comments to us from those in New Zealand's rural community. 

NZ's late spring weather pattern may continue to mid-January, then what?

Aotearoa - land of the long white cloud. To many, the clouds are perhaps more grey than white this week. If you live in the west or south then chances are you've had a cloudy or partly cloudy week. Last night/this morning many have also woken to a cooler than usual day.

What's to blame?  Southerly injections from the Southern Ocean.