Australia's flooding rains heading towards NZ

Eastern Australia's set up of a blocking high to the east with sub-tropical downpours being fed from the north is heading to the North Island this Sunday and Monday says With it comes the chance of localised flooding.

A low in the Tasman Sea will deepen today and Friday and spread into the North Island on Saturday and Sunday.

Australia - A wet week ahead

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Most Australians could see rain or storms this week, some of which will cause flooding.

All eight capital cities have a chance of showers during the first half of this week and all but Hobart are at risk of storms today or tomorrow. The prospect of wet weather also extends to many locations away from the nation's interior between now and the weekend.

Wet and wild week for coastal Queensland

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With a lingering coastal trough and developing low pressure system, the coming week is set to be soaking and thundery for many parts of the Queensland coastal fringe.

Australia: Darwin's giving Sydney a run for its rain

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Darwin has been wetter than average every month since the official start of the wet season in October, proving it's not only the east coast that seems to be experiencing rain every day lately.

Australia - Warm weekend ahead for Melbourne

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Melbourne may have cooled down for the end of the working week, but temperatures will bounce back this the weekend.

The city reached summer-like highs of 33 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday before a cool change dropped the mercury today. After reaching a top of 25.3 degrees at 6:31am today, it as down to 21 before midday.

New Zealand's run of high pressure vs Australia's big wet

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Will wet weather from Australia come our way? That's what we're looking into as high pressure is again dominating New Zealand for Thursday with another high pressure system expected to move in this weekend. At the same time the sub-tropical rains on the northern side of the high are being fed directly into Australia and may well cause problems for them for the remainder of March.

Australia - Melbourne's weather gets crazy with autumn hotter than summer

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Melbourne's start to autumn is so hot, the average temperature is so far exceeding that normally experienced in January and February.

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Dean Stewart said it was an extraordinary start to March.

Australia also facing drenching rains, NSW prepares for more

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Coastal New South Wales will see a short break in the rain as we head towards the weekend, but there is more rain on the way. 

Up and down the NSW coast, a lingering low pressure trough and a large low brought rain to kick-off autumn over last weekend and for much of this week. 

Australia: Summer heat broke 205 records and more extreme weather is to come

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The summer of 2016/17 has been dubbed the 'angry summer' by climate scientists who've been investigating just how extreme things got.

They've found that during a 90-day period, 205 weather records were broken.