New Poll: How badly do you need rain right now?

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Most of New Zealand has had good rainfall over the past month or so with many regions now wetter than average.

Poll Results: People are starting to use heating now

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The results from our latest poll have been interesting to watch over the past week with cooler air in some regions leading to the "yes" answer ticking upwards each day. 

Poll: Have you used heating so far this month?

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OK, be honest, have you used any heating in the past week or so? It seems like a crazy question but with a couple of cold changes for parts of the South Island recently and a few cooler mornings in the north we were wondering if you had used any heating - even if just briefly!

Poll Results: Summer is toast! Tropics are not

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The results of our recent week long online poll shows that summer has well and truly peaked and is coming to an end.

A massive 86% say it feels like summer has peaked already. The poll started in the last week of February.

New Poll: Has Summer peaked at your place already?

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The forecast across New Zealand in the coming week is a changeable one with hints of Autumn for some regions but still hot and even into the 30s for others.

Poll Results: Many parts of NZ go from too dry to very wet in just a month

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What a difference from the start of summer to the middle part as we've switched from super dry to very wet in a number of regions and our recent poll is summing this up.

67% are wanting more sun after weeks of wetter weather and more cloud across big portions of New Zealand.

Poll Results: Most NZers want a cooler February and a cooler start to February you shall have!

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The results of our latest poll, which kicked off at the end of January, shows the majority want February to be cooler than January was - and February 2nd kicked off snow on the South Island ranges around Queenstown and Wanaka!

Poll Results: Many are finding this summer too hot and too humid

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The results from our latest weather poll shows New Zealanders are loving this summer but quite a few are finding it too hot and too humid.

Our poll, which gave a number of possible answers (mostly negative) was designed to see what jumps out most about this summer.

New Poll: The weather this Summer is [vote here]...

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So far Summer is proving to be a fairly warm one - but despite the drought announcements there's also been no shortage of wet or windy days (just ask some campers!).

Compared to summer a year ago we are in a warmer and calmer set up.

Poll Results: NZers want January to be both hot and dry but also wetter

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The result of our latest poll show how divided the country is when it comes to what weather people are wanting in January.

With so many people on holiday or about to be it's understandable that there is high demand for "Hot and dry" weather as we head into January. 30% of those who voted - the largest group - say this is what they want.