New Poll: How desperately do you need Sunny/Dry weather?

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Much of eastern New Zealand is wetter than average while many other regions are looking for some sunny weather following a wet Autumn and a wet start to Winter.

In WeatherWatch.co.nz's new poll we ask you to gauge just how in need of sunny and/or dry weather. 

Poll Results: As a nation we're a bit divided about what weather we want this Winter

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New Zealanders are fairly scattered on what they prefer for winter weather this year according to our latest poll, with the results released on a week that looks to be milder than average according to WeatherWatch.co.nz.

New Poll: Are you hoping for a colder than usual winter?

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This winter is shaping up to be colder than the warmer than average winters of recent years thanks in part to lower air pressure around our part of the globe which is encouraging more southerlies and Southern Ocean air flows.

We still have warmer winds in the forecast too but the southerly injections from time to time should help keep more of a lid on temperatures.

Poll Results: Autumn coughs and colds not too bad so far

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Our recent poll shows quite a few New Zealanders have so far not been hit by a cough, cold or flu as we change from the warm/dry summer to the colder/wetter winter.

A massive 68% say they have NOT been affected by coughs, colds or any flu so far this season.

15% said they have badly been affected.

New Poll: Have you been hit by a cold/flu/cough this Autumn?

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It's that time of year with long colder nights, more dampness and more of us crammed into rooms with other people - it's a long way from the warmth and frequent outdoor life from 10 weeks ago back in summer.

Poll Results: Half of you still affected by Autumn allergies

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Red eyes, sneezing, itchy throat nose or eyes - it seems many of you are still suffering from Autumn allergies as allergy season basically comes to an end.

The main culprit in Autumn is often grasses, dry from a long summer and now seeding. Windy weather lately puts more of this into the air which leads to allergies.

New Poll: How are your April Autumn Allergies?

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Sometimes in Autumn allergies can still be an issue for some with some plants in seed and, for some regions, dry weather is making dustier days when it's windy.

New Poll: Does Daylight Saving end at the right time for you?

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Daylight Saving begins in the last weekend of September and ends in the first weekend of April. For some the end brings relief with the feeling of an extra hour to sleep in. For others the changing of the clocks causes all sorts of problems.

Some studies in the US show an increase in car accidents due the changing of times messing with body clocks.

Poll Results: Surprising number of New Zealanders still need more rain

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Many parts of New Zealand have had a wetter than usual start to 2018, following on from a drier than usual end to 2017 which saw droughts announced.

The results of our latest week-long poll show a large portion of New Zealand still needs rain.

New Poll: How badly do you need rain right now?

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Most of New Zealand has had good rainfall over the past month or so with many regions now wetter than average.