Animation: Big changes in air-flows moving over New Zealand

Sydney is shivering today while in New Zealand it's been warmer than average in the upper and eastern north today and colder than average in the lower south as polar air moves in and sub-tropical air moves out for some. In fact Sydney is several degrees cooler than some North Island places this afternoon.

A temperature record, Kiwi weather wars and Winnie the Pooh - Your Weather Headlines from the last 7 days

The weather never stops, and 2016's rollercoaster ride just keeps getting crazier - as this week saw some world firsts, further tragedy and some very rough conditions in some parts of New Zealand.

Let's start overseas in the USA, where 

GIF: Sub-tropical air flow again warms up NZ

Pockets of both the North and South Islands have reached the low 20s today - and it's all thanks to a big high to our north, pulling down sub-tropical winds over the North Island and upper South Island. At the same time it's working in tandem with north westerlies coming out Queensland, New South Wales and Canberra.

Feeling a little warmer today? Track the airflow & thank Aussie

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48 hours ago it was hovering around zero with snow in Dunedin - this hour it's between 9 and 14 degrees under stunning sunny skies. The air flow is warmer today - on Sunday it was hitting the lower South Island direct from near Antarctica and Dunedin was between 0 and 3 degrees in the middle of the afternoon.  The day before that the South Island had an airflow from the sub-tropics!

Australia: Wild winds batter Adelaide (+PICS)

High winds described by the State Emergency Service as a "storm cell" have ripped through Somerton Park in Adelaide, damaging roofs and bringing down trees.

SES spokesman John Carr said the cell hit Somerton Park about 4:30pm.

Heatwaves, a tornado and a new season - What's been making Weather Headlines this week

Another wild and windy week for New Zealand - as the westerly "sprinter" system (a hybrid of windy spring and winter weather) really takes over as July draws to a close.

Internationally, though, things have been just as crazy - with heatwaves in both North America and Europe - as parts of

Australia: July continues to smash heat records across the country

During the pitter-patter of rain on the roofs, many places across NSW experienced their warmest July night in records.

A tropical air-mass has moved over NSW after dousing QLD with unseasonable rain, bringing thick cloud and warm air. Although it's been noticeably warmer during the days, the night-time temperatures were the most outstanding.

Animation: The brief calm that's coming our way!

Winds over 130km/h blasted parts of coastal Otago last night, while the night before it was Auckland receiving gusts over 100km/h.  Windy weather has been off and on across many parts of New Zealand over the past week and half - and more is coming in this week and next week.

However, there's also a break in the winds as a high briefly moves in for Thursday PM and Friday AM.

InfoGraphic: Heavy westerly traffic 'cuts off' winter weather to New Zealand

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Many people are asking "Where is winter?", "When is winter truly arriving?", "Will it snow to sea level this winter?".  The neutral weather pattern we have right now has lead to enormous high pressure systems over Australia and this is fuelling big powerful westerlies in the Southern Ocean.

Winter Cyclone in the Indian Ocean not such a rare event was asked an interesting question this morning about a Southern Ocean cyclone in the Indian Ocean. WeatherWatch reader Tony Hastings wrote "I see that Tropical Cyclone 01S (Abela) is bearing down on Madagascar. Isn't it pretty unusual to have an active cyclone during a southern winter? Could this possibly be a sign of climate change? Thanks".