Storm event comes to a slow end as rain finally starts to fade in Chch

FINAL UPDATE 8:20pm --- Rain is coming to a gradual end in Christchurch this evening with a mix of light falls, drizzle and developing dry areas. While some briefly heavier rain/showers may still flare up the chances of concerning rainfall is now significantly starting to drop.

Deep low pressure system over New Zealand was 3500kms wide!

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This low was intense. On Friday it had a central air pressure into the lower 960hPa range and covered an area over 3500kms wide, from east to west, north to south.

On Friday it was the second largest low on the planet.

Very deep low centred near Banks Peninsula, heavy rain continues further south

Updated 3pm --- The very deep centre of the low crossing New Zealand now lies just east of Christchurch with weather stations around the area showing the air pressure is incredibly low. The air pressure is down to 964hPa in eastern Banks Peninsula while Christchurch is showing 970hPa. This compares to Auckland, which is 989hPa. 

Day by day, how this next big low might impact NZ and those travelling

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The large and deep low pressure system approaching New Zealand is complicated to forecast due to so many moving parts - but we've done our best to identify what the key issues will be each day and where. With such a large low more fine tuning will be needed over the next 48 hours.


Your Photos: (x14): Auckland's Thursday thunderstorms produce seriously stormy clouds

There were sunny spells Thursday morning, intense downpours at lunchtime and by the end of the day Aucklanders and other parts of the Upper North Island were viewing some seriously stormy looking clouds.

We've had so many photos sent in to us on via our Twitter account 

Southern Hemisphere wraps up a record-quiet year for tropical cyclones

June 30th marked the end of a record-calm year for tropical cyclone activity in the Southern Hemisphere. A cyclone “year” extends from July 1 to June 30 south of the equator (this is because cyclones peak in the warm season, which straddles adjacent calendar years in the Southern Hemisphere).

Monster wave measured by Southern Ocean wave buoy one of largest recorded in Southern Hemisphere

Most read & most shared Story --- Story By MetOcean scientists --- This past Saturday, MetOcean Solutions' wave buoy in the Southern Ocean recorded a whopping 19.4 metre wave. (The average single story house is 4.5 metres high! - WeatherWatch)

Video: First Antarctic blast of the year coming

The first truly wintry blast of the year is coming, especially for the lower South Island which will see snow falling to low levels and might affect main alpine highways for a time.

Before it arrives, however, we have a sub-tropical airflow and a Tasman Sea low bringing a burst of warm rain.

Weather Video: Donna’s remnants to drench the North Island

Donna is no longer a cyclone but the energy left over from it is coming our way and a new low pressure system will form north of the North Island and track very close by over the next day or so. It may even cross some regions.

Donna downgraded but drenching downpours coming, flooding possible (+7 Maps)

There is no more 'Cyclone Donna' - the storm fell apart on Wednesday while trying to depart the New Caledonia area but ran into unfavourable conditions to do so, tearing the cyclone apart.