Map: 7 day chance of rainfall for NZ & Australia

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This week ran a story with the headline Where are the rainmakers? Farmers showing signs of concern following several days of increasing comments to us from those in New Zealand's rural community. 

NZ's late spring weather pattern may continue to mid-January, then what?

Aotearoa - land of the long white cloud. To many, the clouds are perhaps more grey than white this week. If you live in the west or south then chances are you've had a cloudy or partly cloudy week. Last night/this morning many have also woken to a cooler than usual day.

What's to blame?  Southerly injections from the Southern Ocean. 

Where are the rainmakers? Farmers showing signs of concern

It may be gloomy and cooler for some but for those paying close attention to the sky and the ground a big dry is already underway in a number of regions.

For the most part, compared to a year ago, New Zealand isn't quite as dry - but it's fast catching up. 

Australia: Christmas Day forecast for the main centres

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Australia has an ex-tropical cyclone currently pushing into the desert regions with heavy rain falling there. In fact parts of Australia that are traditionally the driest are currently experiencing some of the heaviest rain in the entire nation this Christmas Day.

Christmas Day around the globe has some interesting weather (+4 Maps)

Forecasts for Australia, UK, USA, Canada & New Zealand --- Not everyone celebrates Christmas Day but in some countries it's certainly a day off, or a long weekend this weekend.

Australia: Summer soaking for Sydney, more settled this week

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After Sydney sweltered through a pair of hot days early in the week (38 degrees C); Thursday and Friday were very different, with cool and soggy conditions.

Parts of Sydney saw their wettest weather since winter on Saturday, as a low pressure trough lingered and directed a fair amount of moisture across the region. 

Australia heat update

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A burst of early-summer heat not seen in years will sweep across southern and eastern Australia this week.

Australia: Temperatures soar in Perth

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Perth has endured a sweaty end to the week, although a cool change is on the way.  The city exceeded 35 degrees Friday afternoon and was forecast to hit a high of 37 on Friday and again Saturday.

If Perth manages back-to-back 37s it will be the city's hottest pair of days since March.

Summer scorcher looms for two thirds of Australians

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The most widespread heat in five years could grip parts of southern and eastern Australia next week.

A pool of hot air is set to sweep across the country from Monday to Wednesday, sending the mercury soaring across multiple states and territories.

Australia: Turbulent Thursday in Vic, Tas, SA

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Parts of Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia could be lashed by storms and damaging winds on Thursday as a cold front sweeps across Australia's southeast.