Light pollution, cloud seeding and tornadoes - Your Week in Weather Headlines

Another frankly crazy week around the weather world, with some big events and headlines both at home and abroad!

Let's start in the USA, where another week brought another tornado - as Travis Hafield posted a video to his YouTube channel last weekend, showing what appears to be either a tornado forming, or a very well-defined funnel cloud, as tornado sirens wail in the bac

Australia: Cloud seeding experiment before major flooding investigated

The Tasmanian Opposition has urged the State Government to release a report into Hydro Tasmania's decision to conduct a cloud seeding flight in the Derwent River Catchment a day before serious flooding.

Cloud seeding is a technique used to increase rain to bolster dams and involves the addition of a substance to suitable clouds to encourage the growth of ice crystals or raindrops.

Australia: 'Words can't describe it' - Record breaking rainfall in Western QLD

The best June rain in more than 10 years has fallen on parched ground around Longreach and Barcaldine in central-west Queensland.

Almost 60 millimetres was measured in the Longreach Airport gauge at 9:00am, which was the most rain for a single day in June since 2005.

The crater to hell, lightning strikes, and spiders in the trees - Your Week in Weather Headlines

We've seen four seasons in one week here at home, with conditions changing quickly between wintry, autumnal and spring-like, depending on where in the country you are!

Overseas, meanwhile, weather has gone from one extreme to another - with New South Wales experiencing some of the worst swells and storms in recent history, while Tasmania has also suffered in heavy rains

Australia: Tasmania residents remain stranded as floodwaters subside

The search for two men swept away in floodwaters earlier this week has become a recovery mission.

Police now hold little hope of finding 81-year-old Trevor Foster or 63-year-old Peter Watson alive.

The two searches are being helped by falling water levels, which are also allowing residents across Tasmania to return home.

Australia: Tasmania flooding finally receding - spiders seek refuge in trees (+VIDEO)

Spiders trying to escape rising floodwaters in northern Tasmania have turned treetops white with silk thanks to a phenomenon known as ballooning.

Trees at Hagley, just outside Launceston, are covered in webs with small black spiders crawling over them.

Aussie's big swells coming to parts of NZ this week (+ swell maps)

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Across the weekend a strong nor'east flow on the western side of New Zealand's large high pressure system coupled with a small low near Australia to create very stormy coastal conditions along Aussie's eastern side.

Australia: Sydney houses 'cracking up' (+VIDEO)

Residents of storm-struck Collaroy remain on edge, bracing to be hit by another monster high tide as they watch their homes slowly crumble into the sea.

After bearing the brunt of the weekend's fatal storm, the coastal Sydney suburb was flogged by another king tide last night.

Australia: Sydney endures 'worst storms in a decade' (+VIDEO)

Houses in Sydney's northern beaches copped a battering, as huge seas swept away the yards of multi-million dollar beachfront homes.

Up to 10-15 metres of waterfront land washed away as residents returned to their homes to assess the damage after being evacuated.

In total seven homes and a unit block were evacuated as eight metre waves battered the coast.

Floods, a drought and a waterspout - Your Week in Weather Headlines

It seems like we've been saying it every week, but that's because it's true - we've had a crazy past 7 days in the world of weather - both here at home and abroad!

Let's start in the USA, where authorities in central Texas have found two m