Eastern Australia - Spring storm update

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Much of New South Wales and Queensland will have a break from thunderstorms today, but it won't last long.

Australia's storm season slow to start - but now here

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A spring storm outbreak is underway across parts of New South Wales this week, although the season has taken a while to get going this year.

Violent thunderstorms caused heavy rain, large hail and blustery winds in a number of districts during the last two days. For some areas, these have been some of the first big storms of the season.

Southeast Queensland into the mid-30s this week

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With balmy days and thunderstorms on the cards, the next seven days will have a distinct summer-like feel throughout southeast Queensland. 

Brisbane reached 34.4 degrees Saturday afternoon, its warmest day this early in November in over twenty years.

Scorching day today in Perth - an early November high of 37 degrees

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Perth is in for a torrid Saturday as temperatures soar close to 40 degrees.  Dreaded northeasterly winds will drag inland heat towards the west coast of Australia at the beginning of the weekend, launching the mercury into oppressive territory around Perth.

Cyclone season ready and set - but is our Government ready?

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New Zealand and Australia's 2016/17 Tropical Cyclone season officially begins on Tuesday this week.

Animation - The westerly winds of spring finally arrive

Yesterday was calm in many regions - today is much windier as the westerly change from Australia finally kicks in. Traditionally the spring westerlies arrive a couple of weeks earlier, but as you know this year the weather pattern has been behaving differently in a number of ways.

Worldwide rainfall over the past 14 days (+Map)

Think it's been wet in some parts of New Zealand? It has been, especially in the North Island - but it pales in comparison to the downpours happening around the tropics (which is normal!).

You call that a low? THIS is a low... (Maps x2)

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A classic spring set up is on the way next week for our part of the world and a tremendously large area of low pressure will form south of New Zealand while a large area of high pressure forms north of us - resulting in a big strong westerly air flow over New Zealand for next week.

The westerly change arrived yesterday - but will ramp up properly this weekend and next week.

Weather Video: Sunday concerns + a gale westerly change coming next week

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We've had a wet week of easterlies, especially in the north. This weekend the winds blow back from the west (by Sunday) with a chance of very localised flooding as the Aussie storm unravels but leaves warm downpours moving in.

October - what to expect weatherwise

Welcome to the first day of October - here's the outlook for October. We'll keep it simple, focusing on headlines mainly: