Cyclone season ready and set - but is our Government ready?

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New Zealand and Australia's 2016/17 Tropical Cyclone season officially begins on Tuesday this week.

Animation - The westerly winds of spring finally arrive

Yesterday was calm in many regions - today is much windier as the westerly change from Australia finally kicks in. Traditionally the spring westerlies arrive a couple of weeks earlier, but as you know this year the weather pattern has been behaving differently in a number of ways.

Worldwide rainfall over the past 14 days (+Map)

Think it's been wet in some parts of New Zealand? It has been, especially in the North Island - but it pales in comparison to the downpours happening around the tropics (which is normal!).

You call that a low? THIS is a low... (Maps x2)

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A classic spring set up is on the way next week for our part of the world and a tremendously large area of low pressure will form south of New Zealand while a large area of high pressure forms north of us - resulting in a big strong westerly air flow over New Zealand for next week.

The westerly change arrived yesterday - but will ramp up properly this weekend and next week.

Weather Video: Sunday concerns + a gale westerly change coming next week

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We've had a wet week of easterlies, especially in the north. This weekend the winds blow back from the west (by Sunday) with a chance of very localised flooding as the Aussie storm unravels but leaves warm downpours moving in.

October - what to expect weatherwise

Welcome to the first day of October - here's the outlook for October. We'll keep it simple, focusing on headlines mainly:

Weather Video (Thurs) - Big downpours in NZ & big storm hits South Australia

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More slow moving heavy downpours are affecting parts of the North Island today with drizzly falls (and isolated heavy falls) into the South Island.

The forecast for New Zealand remains similar for the next day or two - but a giant storm in South Australia is coming our way this Sunday.

Tristram Clayton talks to Philip Duncan about NZ & Australia weather

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NZ Herald Focus video -- From the thunderstorms and heavy downpours around the upper North Island this week to the storm in Australia right now and what that means for New Zealand this weekend and next week, NZH Focus talks to Philip Duncan to discuss the current set up and forecast for the second week of the school holidays.

South Australia: Power 'gradually' returning after blackout plunged entire state into darkness

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Power is gradually being turned back on across parts of South Australia but much of the state remains in darkness after a widespread blackout.

But more wild weather is on the way, with an intense low-pressure system expected to cross the state on Thursday.

Late on Wednesday, emergency services had announced the following:

Is the Indian Ocean's "El Nino" affecting New Zealand? (x4 InfoGraphics)

Most read story of the week ---- The Indian Ocean Dipole is currently underway. Never heard of it before? Don't worry, you're not alone. It's basically the Indian Ocean's version of "El Nino".