Upcoming Weekend Weather: One big high & one big low

A large high pressure system south of New Zealand later this week will expand across the South Island on Saturday bringing light winds and even afternoon cloud build-ups with showers inland (like Central Otago). With the spring equinox on Friday we typically expect windy westerlies at this time of the year - but Saturday looks calm over the South Island with mostly dry, settled, weather.

Weather Video (Weds) - Aussie weather affecting NZ this weekend, also summer?

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The North Island's weather is now being affected by Australia's new wetter, more humid, weather pattern.

Are we shaping up for a wet summer? Philip Duncan from briefly explains just what the heck is going on over Australia and New Zealand at the moment weather-wise.

Aussie low this weekend unlikely to repeat last weekend's flooding in lower North Island

Updated Wednesday PM --- As forecast last Friday yet another low is headed to New Zealand this coming weekend - and while it's following the pattern of previous rain bands it's unlikely to bring another weekend of localised slips and floods to the same parts of the North Island hit last weekend.

Weather Video (Tues) - Low after low from Aussie but plenty of dry weather

A low is tracking to the north of the country over the next day or so with patchy rain for the top of the country and drizzly easterlies for the east of both islands.

Meanwhile later this week another low comes from south eastern Australia and tracks towards the country - it's also likely to head north, mostly affecting the upper North Island.

Weather Video (Mon) - More lows from Australia coming to NZ

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This week is a messy one but not looking too severe. Messy in the sense that there's a bit of cloud and some slow moving areas of drizzle or showers.

Weak lows will drift from Aussie to New Zealand over the next week, mostly affecting the North Island and some drizzly weather later for Canterbury.

Weather Video (Mon) - An Australian low coming our way, but a warmer week

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This week is much warmer than last week was with winds mainly coming from the west and north and boosting temperatures into the late teens or even early 20s.

Towards Thursday and Friday a low from Australia moves in with strong to gale norwester, rain for the West Coast and even some spillover into Canterbury, especially on Sunday.

Alice Springs has wetter forecast than Canterbury

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It's not too often you think of Alice Springs as being a wet place - but lately the inland part of Australia has had a number of rain events - and more rain is coming.

In the 10 day forecast for Alice Springs via Weatherzone showers are in the forecast for the next few days with then the risk of thunderstorms daily beyond that.

August to end with September's weather

The final 10 days of the meteorological winter will end on a more spring-like note with no nationwide polar blasts in the picture and a return to windy westerlies, says

Australia: Winter 'soaking' for the southeast

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Parts of southeastern Australia record their heaviest August rain in over a decade.

A strong cold front passed over Victoria and New South Wales yesterday afternoon and evening, generating areas of rain, damaging winds and the odd isolated thunderstorm.

Rare moderate quake strikes Queensland

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A moderate shallow magnitude 5.7 earthquake has struck just off the Queensland coast, 54kms ENE of Bowen according to the USGS. Australia's local Bureau of Meteorology say the quake was Magnitude 5.8, quoting Geoscience Australia, and saying there is no tsunami threat.

The quake was shallow, just 7kms deep.

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