Australia's capital has a freezing first week of June, as low as -5C

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Canberra may enjoy its first morning of the season above zero degrees tomorrow.

The nation's capital city has plunged below freezing on each of the last eight mornings, getting as low as -5.1 degrees last Friday.

Australia: NSW goes from soaking wet to 'Who stopped the rain?'

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After a February and March for eastern New South Wales that seemed to rain continuously, you could be surprised that it's actually been a very dry April and May. 

Now, however, there is rain on the horizon again. 

USA - California just got 13 acres bigger

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Big Sur has gotten even bigger, because of a May 20 landslide. That movement of 1 million tons of rock caused a lot of problems, such as making an important road impassable, but it also added some

Large ice sheet 'very close' to breaking away from Antarctica

A rift in an Antarctic ice shelf will soon create one of the largest icebergs ever recorded, according to scientists.

Australia - Frosty start to winter continues

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The start of winter has been remarkably cold for much of southern and eastern Australia, with some areas experiencing their lowest temperature in years.

Unreal mate! When the weather perfectly matches the coastline (+Map)

Every now and then a weather map looks, well, beautiful. Last night (Thurday) there was a cool set up to look at as the air flow around the southern and eastern coastlines of Australia and out towards New Zealand drew a stunning picture that even Navigators would be proud of.

Australia: Frosty farewell to Autumn for many today

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The final morning of autumn is feeling unquestionably winter-like across a large swathe of inland Australia.

Australia: 10,000 lightning strikes light up the state of Victoria

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As autumn draws to an end, another front swept over Victoria over the weekend bringing more rain and blustery conditions. Along with this, a band of thunderstorms that a one point stretched from Nhill to Apollo Bay, generated a total of just over 10,000 lightning strikes across the state.

Early snow heading to Australian Alps

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A cold front is surging across southern Australia today and will reach the Alps on Sunday morning. Initially the front will bring areas of rain, but as the wind changes direction and the temperature plummets snow will begin to grace the mountainside.

Conditions will ease back on Monday before the next front arrives on Tuesday. 

Wintry end to autumn for Australia's southeast

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It's going to be a chilly end to autumn in Australia's southeast, with three cold fronts set to sweep through during the six days.

These fronts may become progressively stronger and the air in their wake increasingly cold.