Highlights of the Week - What's been making Weather News?

A warm week has come to an end - and with it, the high temperatures that dominated our weather over the past seven days. 

Glacial pace for Southern Hemisphere cyclone season

From Antananarivo to Darwin to Suva, an odd tran

Sydney's hottest summer in over 150 years

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Sydney just endured its hottest summer in more than 150 years, setting a number of new records relating to heat.

The hottest season since record-keeping commenced 159 years ago included an unprecedented 26 days at or above 30 degrees in the city and 11 days over 40 degrees in Richmond.

Will El Nino return in 2017?

The chance of El Nino forming during 2017 has recently increased according to the latest El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) wrap-up released by the Bureau of Meteorology on the final day of summer.

So, what are the chances of El Nino forming this year? And what would this mean for weather in Australia?

Australia - Eastern seaboard's soaking start to Autumn

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Parts of Australia's eastern seaboard could receive more than a month's worth of rain in the next week, raising the risk of flooding during the opening days of autumn.

The highly populated stretch of coastline between southeast Queensland and eastern Victoria will be hampered by days of rainfall from now until the weekend.

Australia: Sydney's coldest weekend of summer with more rain

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If you wanted to stay a bit warmer today in eastern Australia then a dip in the ocean is probably your best bet, despite the rain.

Ocean surface temperatures along the east coast are currently warmer than the 18 degrees in Sydney city, around 20 degrees close to the coast and above 24 degrees further offshore. 

Australia - Hot and dry autumn ahead

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Australia's seasonal outlook for autumn is hot and dry, but what is causing it?  

Autumn weather: Australia set for continued hot temperatures after 'exceptional' start to 2017

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Although autumn is on the way, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned the hot weather is likely to continue, with warmer than average temperatures forecast for most of southern and eastern Australia.

Australia: The last heat of Summer for Perth...but more coming in Autumn

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Perth, and much of Western Australia's southwest are about to experience their final scorcher of the summer. 

Australia: From blistering heat to Canberra's coldest February morning on record

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The nation's capital has rewritten the record books this morning, producing a May-like morning in February.

A strong front that crossed on the weekend carried a very cold airmass for this time of year over southeastern Australia. It even produced snow in the Victorian Alps.