After a dry June, Australia has a snowy start to July

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The snowiest week so far this season has begun in the alps.

Cold air and moisture have teamed up to cause snow in the alps of NSW and Victoria during the last 24 hours. The flakes were still falling today and there is plenty more on the way during the rest of this week.

Several days of low pressure coming, so when is NZ's next big high?

New Zealand is wet at the moment with most people wanting drier than average weather this month - unfortunately the stream of low pressure about to move in will keep the wet weather coming.

On Wednesday a large high well north of New Zealand and another one well south of us will briefly connect over the nation to bring a fairly calm, settled day.

Adelaide records lowest June rainfall in 59 years as winter dry spell frustrates farmers

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Adelaide has had its second-driest June on record, with less than 10 millimetres of rain falling in the last 30 days.

The city's rain gauge recorded only 8.6mm, the lowest total since 1958 when the city had just 6mm.

Australia: Chilly Thursday for Tasmania

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A wintry blast will bring rain, hail, blustery winds and low level snow to Tasmania on Thursday.

Late start to winter in Tasmania following record breaking warmth

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Winter has finally arrived in Tasmania this week after dry and record-breaking warm start to June in Hobart.

Tasmania has been noticeably warmer and drier than usual so far this season thanks to a lack of significant cold fronts in recent weeks.

Aussie's mild 'spring morning' in June yesterday

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Virtually all of New South Wales and Southern Queensland experienced a very mild morning up to nine degrees above average yesterday.

Australia - Winter rain yet to show thanks to huge anticyclones

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A lack of strong cold fronts so far this season has left many parts of Australia longing for rainfall. Most of the nation's south has received less than 20 percent of the June monthly average rainfall, even though we are now halfway through the month.

Did someone order a BFH for the weekend? (+2 Maps)

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So far June has a been a windy, cold, month for many regions with plenty of southerly quarter winds - but this weekend New Zealand is under a "BFH" - a Big Fat High.

The high, from Australia, will bring a settled weekend to the nation and mainly dry weather.

Video: Incoming high then sub tropical low to brush northern NZ

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A very large high is rolling in across New Zealand for the weekend bringing much lighter winds and mainly dry conditions. There may be some fog patches on Saturday which is worth keeping in mind with Fieldays finishing at Mystery Creek and people flying in and out of Hamilton.

Feeling SAD? Why you might have the winter blues & what the cures are

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Finding it hard to wake up in the mornings? Feeling a lack of energy? Feeling generally down? You may be suffering from SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is quite normal to experience as the nights get longer and days shorter.