Melbourne Cup - it's a cold day in Melbourne! The forecast:

It's a cold day in Melbourne with the temperature as of noon NZT just 13 degrees and the high only around 14 or 15 today.

While cloud is expected any remaining light showers are clearing away as an enormous high pressure system rolls in.

Stray iceberg stuns researchers on Macquarie Island

A large iceberg has been spotted off the coast of Macquarie Island this week. While it's not unheard of to see icebergs from Antarctica this far north, it's certainly not something that researchers based on the island get to see every year.

It's that time of year where the highs are here, but the lows won't go away (x8 Maps)

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NEXT FOUR DAYS --- We've reached that point in spring where the anticyclones (highs) are draped like a chain-link-fence around our part of the world. To the north and south of this high pressure belt are lows, which occasionally push through the "chain link fence" where the highs meet/touch.

Weather Video: Your weekend outlook & forecast to next Wednesday

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Rain clouds are moving in across the country this weekend, especially western areas where totals in the South Island may reach 150mm.

Watch for slips and flooding on the West Coast. Not as much rain will fall in eastern areas. By Sunday a colder change will sweep into some southern areas but won’t be too significant.

Snow falls in Tasmania after warmest October on record

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As they say in Tasmania, if you don't like the weather come back in five minutes. After Hobart experienced its warmest October on record, snow has returned to the state.

And more is on the way.

Australia: Record October warmth in Hobart

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Temperature records tumbled in Tasmania during October as parts of the state experienced unprecedented mid-spring warmth.

Tasmania as a whole registered its second warmest October on record, with a statewide mean temperature that was close to 1.5 degrees above the long-term average. 

Update: Heavy rain coming for New Zealand, some snow in Australia

Both New Zealand and Australia will have mostly sunny weather on Thursday but conditions are going downhill in Aotearoa as a front and low moves in for Friday and the weekend.

Australia's big cool down! (x 3 Maps)

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By 7:30 on Monday morning it was already in the mid 30s in parts of Sydney. Today it's nearly 20 degrees cooler at the same time thanks to the "Southerly Buster" that moved through late Monday.

The colder air flow is due to a southerly from the Southern Ocean spreading into the southeast part of Australia and is affecting a number of major cities.

Hotter than average Sunday for parts of NZ and Australia (+Maps)

Sunday will be hotter than usual across many parts of New Zealand and Australia with centres in the South Island up to 10 degrees above normal. says highs in the mid 20s are possible in Central Otago with low to mid 20s possible in many other areas, especially in the south, inland and east.

Australia: Perth's rain adding up, wettest October in 6 years

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Perth is having its wettest October in six years and the wettest year to date since 2005.