More data on 2016 temperatures - confirmation of "hottest year ever" (+VIDEO)

2016 was the hottest year on record, setting a new high for the third year in a row, with scientists firmly putting the blame on human activities that drive climate change.

The final data for 2016 was released on Wednesday by the three key agencies – the UK Met Office and Nasa and Noaa in the US – and showed 16 of the 17 hottest years on record have been this century.

AUSTRALIA: Sydney swelters in record breaking temperatures

The last time Sydneysiders were subjected to such a hot morning commute, Robert Menzies was Prime Minister.

Sydney set its highest-ever 9am temperature on Wednesday, with the city reaching 36.5C, beating the previous record of 35C set in December 1955.

The sweltering morning came after a sticky summer night, with temperatures not dropping below 28C in the CBD.

USA - 6 dead in ice storm

A long-duration ice storm in the Great Plains and Midwest claimed the lives of six people, caused treacherous travel, prompted the delay of an NFL football game and left thousands without power.
Freezing rain, ice and winter storm warnings were in effect from the Texas panhandle north into Iowa and east through central Indiana.

Bill English wary of 'extreme response' to climate change

Prime Minister Bill English doesn't share Donald Trump's scepticism about global warming - but says he has always been wary of "extreme" views about the appropriate response to climate change.

English's past comments on climate change have been criticised.

Your Week in Weather Headlines - What's been making news this week

2017's weird and wild weather continues around the world, while at home we're still shivering through a somewhat chilly summer!

We began the week with our eyes on the skies - or, more accurately, space, as a

EUROPE: Subzero temperatures kill dozens more

Authorities have dug out stranded residents as heavy snow blankets Eastern Europe and people struggle with travel delays, power outages and subzero temperatures.

The recent cold snap has now been blamed for at least 69 deaths, and has seen the lowest temperatures for decades in some parts.

AVIATION: And the world's most punctual airline is...

Hawaii might be famous for a laid back approach to life but when it comes to punctuality, Hawaiian Airlines has the best timekeeping in the world.

EUROPE: Heavy snow claims more lives; causes travel chaos (+PICS, VIDEO)

Freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall are making life even harder for thousands of refugees living in limbo across Europe.

Nasa detects two space rocks heading towards Earth - is it an asteroid or a comet?

This week a comet that started life in the outer reaches of our solar system will be visible from Earth for the first time, as it approaches our planet's orbit.

The comet will be 66 million miles (106 million km) from Earth at its closest approach.

WATCH: Idaho man rescues frozen sparrow (VIDEO)

A sparrow that found itself stuck in a spot of trouble has become the star of a YouTube video thanks to an Idaho man who rescued the little bird after it was discovered frozen to a metal pole.

Nelson Wilson was feeding horses on New Year's Day when he spotted the bird struggling to take off from a fence near a heated water tank.