Australia: Windy weekend for southern states

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It's going to be another windy weekend in southern Australia as a series of cold fronts and low pressure systems sweep across multiple states.

Parts of South Australia, southern NSW, Victoria and Tasmania will be impacted by rounds of blustery winds and showers, with possible thunderstorms and small hail this weekend.

Melbourne's coldest day in 19 years

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Melbourne will be given a chance to thaw out today following the city's coldest day in 19 years on Thursday.

Australia: July - Record heat across multiple states and territories

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A large portion of northern and central Australia just experienced its warmest July on record in terms of maximum temperatures.

Towns and communities from the Pilbara in WA across to the Central Coast of Queensland recorded average daytime temperatures that were a whopping 2-4 degrees warmer than usual during July.

Australia: Unseasonable warmth heads east, taking records with it

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The past few days has seen the warmest July days in more than 50 years in parts of Western Australia, Saturday was South Australia and Victoria's turn and on Sunday the focus will be on New South Wales and Queensland.

On Friday the unseasonable warmth was mainly in the WA Pilbara and Eucla and in SA's far west.

Australia: 'Unprecedented July heat' in WA sees record breaking temps in the mid 30s!

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July temperature records were being broken across Western Australia on Friday.

A pool of unusually hot July air that was sitting over the state's northern districts Friday afternoon was also being drawn south ahead of a cold front.

Australia: Fire threat looms amid record winter warmth

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Unseasonable and potentially record-breaking July heat will elevate fire danger ratings across parts of southeastern Australia this weekend.

An unusually hot and dry airmass for mid-winter will sweep over parts of South Australia, Victoria, NSW, the ACT and southern Queensland on Saturday and Sunday, ahead of an approaching front. 

Australia: Canberra's colder and drier than usual start to winter

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Canberra is known for its cold weather, although this winter has been even colder - and drier - than usual. Australia's capital has joined much of southeastern Australia in an epidemic of frosty mornings in recent weeks.

Australia: Warm week ahead for NSW

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Sydney is about to take a break from winter, with a run of warm and spring-like weather on the cards for NSW next week.

A high pressure system will become centred over eastern Australia this weekend, allowing warm northwesterly winds to flow into NSW on its western flank.

Deep low pressure system over New Zealand was 3500kms wide!

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This low was intense. On Friday it had a central air pressure into the lower 960hPa range and covered an area over 3500kms wide, from east to west, north to south.

On Friday it was the second largest low on the planet.

Sydney may have coldest morning of the year today

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The southeastern states are in for cold mornings this weekend following a trend of below average mornings this July.