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Weather, women and fashion Pt II

The other night I was planning my next day’s outfit (my new vintage heels, a skirt, t-shirt and sweater) to suit the predicted weather, which was meant to be sunny with cloudy periods. I then woke the following day to find it was overcast and raining.

Immediately I had to rethink my entire outfit. Which is no easy feat when most of your wardrobe is piled in, on and around the washing machine!   Thankfully I had a mostly clean pair of jeans that I could wear and some sensible shoes that didn’t have any holes in them.

Once again the weather influenced my fashion choices more than the pages of Vogue.

Once again Mother Nature scuppered my fashion whims!

Yes, one of the things I love doing is planning what outfit I’m going to wear the next day.
One of the things I hate is when the weather decides to do a 180 and makes a mockery of my outfit.

Which is why I’m starting to create a series of outfits that will be on call when the weather goes all topsy turvy.

If it’s sunny and warm finding an outfit is easy – you can grab shorts or a skirt, a t-shirt or a short sleeved blouse and your good to go.   A cardy’s good to have on hand just in case.

If it’s warm but wet you can get away with the above outfit – but carry an umbrella because turning up to work or an event looking like a drowned rat is never a good look.

If it’s cold and wet? A long skirt or pants is a must as is layering your tops so that you can moderate your temperature depending on whether you’re inside or out.  Once again a good umbrella is a lifesaver.  I also always carry around a spare pair of socks on wet days because shoes always seem to crack or develop a hole at the most inconvenient times.

And if it’s wet and blowing a gale that causes the rain to blow sideways?   This is when you need to carry a whole new outfit with you.  The experience of living in Wellington has taught me this.   Though I wish someone would invent a contraption that sits on your head, spreads out like an umbrella then unveils a circular sheet of plastic that envelops your whole body.   You’d look ridiculous, but at least you’d get to wherever you were going in one dry piece!

Am I the only woman who thinks this muchabout weather and fashion? Are there others out there?  Maybe we could set up a support group!

And do men have the same problems? Let me know … 

Kellie Hailes

Weather Watch Reporter


Liz on 8/11/2009 5:17am

You are definitely not the only woman who thinks like this!! I loved your story Kellie!

Like you, the weather absolutely dictates what I wear to work. It’s nice to see a female perspective at weatherwatch!! 🙂

My husband also gets caught out by the weather – which is why I check here first! – but really he (and most men!) have NO idea how much the weather affects us girls!!

Thanks! 🙂

WW Forecast Team on 8/11/2009 6:16am

 Hi Liz,

I’m glad you loved the story!  It was so much fun to write and it’s a subject that’s very dear to my heart.

How lovely are you for keeping an eye out on the weather for your husband    My poor fiance just gets told to look it up for himself!

Melissa on 8/11/2009 5:11am

I agree that it is best to layer your clothes each day and peel one off as the day warm’s up. Same goes for kid’s clothes as well as they don’t think to put a warmer top on when cold but seem able to peel layer’s off when hot. Men are fine they wear just jeans or short’s and a shirt and take a polar fleece top. My main concern is what the weather does to my HAIR! Rain=limp & loss of curl & style, humid= frizz, Wind= hair like a rooster! (can anyone invent and industrial strength hairspray?) Skirt’s are not a good idea in the wind unless you have just brought new undies that you don’t mind showing to everyone, maybe the queen has the right idea with weight’s in her skirt hem’s! No wonder it take us girl a while to get ready to go out, with the weather being another daily challenge to looking our best!

WW Forecast Team on 8/11/2009 6:13am

Hi Melissa,

being blessed with schitzophrenic hair that does not know whether it wants to be straight or curly I know ALL about hair and weather.  I wrote this story last week:

You’re so right about the skirt/wind issue.  Christchurch when it’s blowing a nor’wester can be especially dangerous!  While living there I had more than one unexpected Marilyn Monroe moment!!

Next week I’m going to look at how the weather affects footwear decisions. Very serious stuff  


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