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We want to know how things are by you as the sun sets on 2011

All week long we’ve been telling you about the wind and rain expected from the ex-Fina.

Now it’s your turn.  Tell us what you’ve actually experienced.  Have you been inside most today or have you been able to venture out of doors.  I’m sure many folks in Southland and Otago have had some nice weather today.

So tell us how you are going…


Photo by Jeanie Griffin


Zelda Wynn on 31/12/2011 5:01am

New Lynn,Avondale and Blockhouse Bay have enjoyed lots of sunshine this afternoon. Was nice to see the new moon rising over Auckland in blue skies. Slowly the blue skies are going now and grey skies prevail.

Mgk1 on 31/12/2011 12:20am

thunder and lightning over west auckland at the moment..Heavy rain to follow..

Sue on 30/12/2011 8:52am

We are out in Army Bay Whangaparaoa where we have experienced rain wind pouring rain wind wind wind rain rain all day until 3pm whereupon we were called by my sister in Remuera who had a roof leak and water running down her walls. So we set off in our “roof ambulance” all the way from Army Bay, through Coatesville, Massey, Mt Albert etc down to Remuera where we encounted rain wind rain rain wind clear rain pouring rain wind clear rain rain.

My husband got up on the roof whilst I sat outside under the umbrella and experienced more clear grey skies fortunately until he finished fixing the roof whereupon it rained and poured and poured and we were able to test the roof leak was fixed. Had dinner then got in the car to drive all the way back to Army Bay again (took us 1.45 to get home) as it was pouring rain then torrential rain.

That was after having in the rain rescued two sheep who had escaped from a paddock and were going to walk onto the highway at Silverdale earlier in the week and having looked at my brother in laws leaking house in the rain yesterday.

Umm – can we have some sun now please!

Guest Steve on 30/12/2011 5:25am

If you are living in the rural areas north of Auckland there will be no shortage of grass or water for your animals for at least two months to come. Just emptied the water gauge and 48 mils over the last 24 hours is like mana from heaven. I pity the areas that have suffered really heavy rain causing flooding but this rain for us thus far has only brought the creeks up by half flow. I would reason that perhaps many rural peoples would have had a relax inside day. However with still a lot of dry hay to harvest, a week or two of sunshine would be very welcome.

Wishing every weather follower a pleasant new year and everyone at WW all the best for your excellent site.

Cheers Steve

Derek on 30/12/2011 4:51am

Whangarei for some time has been gloomy & windy from from the east & last two days wet, so no outdoor activities.
The winds have been very strong & cool until the ex cyclone came in. So not a very good holiday for anyone at the beaches so far.
Beginning to get depressing as well. No reasonable sun for over a week.

Claire on 30/12/2011 4:10am

In Glenfield on Auckland’s North Shore, we’ve had 59mm of rain in the last 24 hours, and 99% humidity. Current temp 23.2 with dew point of 23.0. Very sticky indeed. Have been indoors most of the day and now it’s starting to brighten up a bit – there’s even the tiniest dot of blue sky visible.

Melissa on 30/12/2011 4:04am

Soooo enjoyed the amazing weather over xmas, but my garden is glad to see the rain,it started late yesterday afternoon here and at first I started to wonder is it had missed Kapiti,but have now had 24mm so far, (10mm between 2-4pm). Certainly feels cooler now its turned more southerly. Great weather now i’m back at work, not so good for those many kiwi’s including my family who have gone camping! Need the sun back by Sunday-Monday if possible as will be sick otf the rain by then!

Sharon on 30/12/2011 3:28am

Hi im at the mount it has been raining all day here heavy at times not the typical weather we usually have. Roll on the lovely hot sunny days. Iv got my granddaughter and weve been eating chocolates and watching movies and looking forward to going to the beach again. Happy New year to you all at weather watch i really enjoy your website well done.

Bridget on 30/12/2011 2:35am

55.9mm of rain here in Stratford, Taranaki. Comes in heavy showers. 19.4 degrees outside.

Laura on 30/12/2011 2:35am

up in the bay of islands it feels like it’s been raining for ever ( thankfully the one lovely day we’ve had recently was Christmas day!) I am so over it. It doesn’t feel like summer at all. Usually it’s lovely up here and just now it’s totally horrible. It’s been windy – windy enough to break a few branches off our trees and the rain has ranged from constant drizzle to full on downpour, oh and to make matters worse its SO humid. The only good thing about it is the cinema is doing really well, so I’m pleased for them!
When will it stop and we get some sunshine????

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