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Video: Artificial Rain – Federated Farmers ask for funding

Country99TV takes a look at cloud seeding.

They talk to Federated Farmers and their approach to Government about funding an artificial rain trial in New Zealand.



Zelda Wynn on 18/01/2011 9:33pm

Shonky reasoning on this video.
Documented proof of dangers

David - New Brighton on 19/01/2011 2:00am


First thing that comes to mind is’ chemtrailing’, being a ‘conspiracists, of course, and not willing to accept on face value what the MSM feed to us…and it raises certain question about who will benefit, and who will not, even if it works!

Did you notice the discrepancy between what we were shown in the video and what he was actually talking about?

He talked about using ‘crushed dry ice,’ while the article he was holding, and we were shown, explains how silver iodide is used to promote cloud growth and to encourage precipitation – it did not mention ‘dry ice’! Interesting?

So as far as that goes, your links, do raise some serious questions – perhaps a little more research will bring bring it a bit more into focus?

In conclusion, if they are so desperate for rain, how about getting down on their ‘benders’ and do some serious praying- after all if ‘he causes it to rain on the just as well as the unjust’- instead of risking ‘mucking up’ the natural cycle, both in the atmosphere and terra firma, it could well, depending on their sincerity, produce the desired effect….

It is a proven, cheap and efficient method of producing the goods, as recent history, even in this country has proven! 8 – ]

Zelda Wynn on 19/01/2011 5:45am

I do like your suggestion David, especially as it is free. Yes,I did notice what he said then looked at the silver iodide image,then snorted.
I think the video sounds so simple, lacks so much info. I wonder how they intend to contain the test to the desired spot. Maybe they could lasso some West Auckland clouds to use.
There was no information about how the “trials” would be evaluated regarding the efficacy of the seeding.
silly me, of course the modifiers would do their own evaluation.
Fox guarding the chicken house situation!

Side issue, did you read the Timaru smell story today, Fish processing co. say they can contain smells at the boundary to the property LOL.
Isn’t it amazing what modern technology can achieve. LOL

David - New Brighton on 20/01/2011 1:16am

called ‘peer reviewing’ ….and the Timaru story sounds very ‘fishy’ to me….

8 – D

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