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TV WEATHER VIDEOS: Which do you prefer?

Weather presenters seem to create quite an opinion with the viewing public.

Today we turn back the clock to 1980 and the weather presented by Tina Carline and below a little further, we have a more recent weather bulletin with Karen Olson on TVOne.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Which report gets the message across clearly do you think?
They certainly differ…



Sam on 8/03/2011 11:29pm

The set for the old weather had it’s own little studio off one of the main corridors at the Avalon TV centre. I saw it on a tour of the place in the early 80’s and remember thinking that the clear blue plastic map of NZ with lights behind was one of the coolest things ever (I was 7). No CG or blue screening then 🙂

The presentation now is much improved in terms of localised data, but very busy visually at times, to the point of distraction. For example I like that TV3 includes suburbs / satellite cities, for the main centres but hate that the presentation rotates during the forecast.

Marise on 8/03/2011 10:00pm

I tend to go with the 2nd one, its much more detailed, and gives you lots of info on whats happening and what we can expect in the next few days, I also like the inclusion of Aussie and the islands as we sometimes get there weather here, so nice to see whats coming…. But the absolute best weather predictions are right here on Weather Watch, the only one I go to now..used to use metservice but they are too vague.
Well done WW TEAM

guest on 8/03/2011 2:46am

I loved Sue Scott but didn’t notice the forecast much 😉

Zelda Wynn on 8/03/2011 1:55am

Liked the first one because of the temperatures listed and easier read. Speech clearer and more precise not gabbled.
Didn’t jump around like the 2nd. The moving cloud images are great in the 2nd, but don’t feel they belong in the forecast.

Guest on 8/03/2011 12:04am

The presenters voice sounds much more natural now.

pete chch on 7/03/2011 11:55pm

actually preferred the 1st one for all its down home presentation 🙂 It was concise and simple..the more modern one was full of waffle and fluff.

Tony Hastings on 7/03/2011 10:31pm

Thanks for the videos. Everyone will get accustomed to a weather reported and their style, but I guess the overall presentation must depend on the technology available in the studios. TV1 and TV3 have different displays, but they both get the same message over. Their presentations seem to be more advanced than seen on Al Jazeera, broadcast on Stratos, although their reports cover a much bigger area of the world.

As far as presenters, my favorite was, and may always be, Augie Auer.

guest on 7/03/2011 10:27pm

Love Jim but like old way as well.
Ta muchly.

guest on 7/03/2011 10:28pm

Jims a laff, beats anyone

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