The New Zealand Herald understands up to 15 roofs have been damaged or lifted off after the area at Mount Maunganui was hit at 8.45pm.

Firefighters are responding to numerous calls about roofs being ripped of houses around Lodge Ave and Links Ave.

A Fire Service northern communications spokeswoman confirmed the destruction appeared to have been caused by a small tornado.

A mangled trampoline. Photo via local BOP news outlet SunLive’s Facebook page:

A tree was split in half and debris was strewn over the road opposite the Links Ave Reserve.

Power was also cut to houses in Omanu about 8.30pm.

Major damage at Baypark, courtesy Helen Chapman

Traffic lights are out and the barrier arms at the rail crossing on Matapihi Rd are locked down.

Powerco’s website said the fault was under inspection and should have been fixed by midnight.

Earlier, a reported “mini-tornado” ripped the roof off a house and damaged at least three more properties at Coopers Beach in the Far North.

The Mangonui Fire Brigade responded to calls about the damage on State Highway 10 about 2.30pm today.

Locals reported hearing a loud noise similar to thunder and described it as a “mini-tornado”.

A roof was reportedly peeled off a two-story house and smashed through the ranch slider of the property behind it.

A man who lives next door said it made a “horrendous” noise and smashed into the side of his house, destroying his glass doors.

There is a weather watch in place for Northland overnight for periods of heavy rain and thunder.

– Story by NZ Herald, photos sourced by