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Summer arrives!

If anecdotal evidence is anything to go by there will be a lot of happy people today as summer officially begins in New Zealand. says most of New Zealand will be dry and warm today but easterlies in the north could bring in some cloud and perhaps the odd isolated shower. 

Our feeling is that December will continue to be unsettled like November, but clearly a little warmer and, despite the similarities to November, the weather patterns are showing signs of slowing down.

Read our in depth prediction for December here.

Despite the cloudier weather in some places reminds all readers that burn times are now extremely high – even when cloudy you can still get burnt, especially between 10:15am and 3:45pm.

Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap

Skin cancer is by far the most common cancer affecting New Zealanders and we have the highest incidence rates of melanoma skin cancer in the world says SunSmart.

The good news is that most melanoma skin cancers are preventable by reducing excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation eg. sun or UV light.

See shade, protection from the sun and wear sunscreen between 10:15am and 3:45pm .


Rockman on 1/12/2011 9:42pm

There are so many sources regarding weather prediction available that it can be so confusing. There are only a few sectors of society that really need this information, for the rest of us it is just for interest. So, do most people actually need long range forecasts? – and why do people get so wrapped up in it?- seemingly stressed out about it? All you actually need to know is what the weather is doing today – now!

So for most a Weather Rock will do. All you need is a round ordinary rock about the size of an apple. Place this on a hard surface – concrete preferable.

Instructions – how to use it
If there is a shadow under the rock it is sunny – if not it is cloudy
If it is dark and you cannot see the rock it is night time – there may be a slightly visible shadow on moonlit nights
If there is a heat shimmer visible above the rock (or the rock is hot to touch) it is a hot day
If the rock is cold …. (do I need to explain further?)
If the rock is wet it is raining, if there is a puddle around the rock is has been raining for a while, if there is spray misible just above the rock it is raining heavily
If you cannot see the rock from a distance it is foggy
If you see the rock rolling across the concrete it is windy – or there is an earthquake
If there is snow on the rock it has been (or is) snowing
If there is ice on the rock it is frosty
If the rock suddenly appears brighter (momentarily) there is lightening about (more apparent at night and usually accompanied by thunder)
If the rock explodes it has been hit by lightening
If the rock disappears there has been a tornado (your house may be missing as well). If your house and garden are undamaged then someone has probably stolen the rock

Ken Ring – eat your heart out

Cath Baker on 1/12/2011 9:30am

Mmmm – seems to have arrived here today. LOL At 7am we were on 21. By 11 up to 27. By 2 up to 30. Finally peaked at 33.1 at approx 4 this afternoon. Fortunately inside temps were mid 20s LOL

Guest on 30/11/2011 11:39pm

So we have 3 weeks of summer until the days start getting shorter.

WW Forecast Team on 1/12/2011 12:16am

Except there’s a significant lag in temperatures following the longest and shortest days of the year.  So the longest day is around Dec 21/22 but the hottest weather is from mid Jan to late Feb.  In Winter the shortest day is around June 21/22 with the coldest weather from mid July to late August.  So "true" summer doesn’t really start for another 3 weeks!

Also, in summer, while the days start getting shorter after Christmas the evenings stay long well until the end of Summer. 🙂


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