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Share your cyclone stories has heard from a number of people who have experienced the true fury of a cyclone. 

Even unique stories of being in the eye of a cyclone.

We’re keen to hear your story – if you’ve ever been in a cyclone or hurricane post a comment below and share what it was like.

The eye of Severe Tropical Cyclone Tomas passing over Fiji.  Image / Fiji Meteorological Service.


Melissa on 16/03/2010 3:30am

I didn’t realise we were that behind the times in our rain radar updates, obviously a funding issue with our govt? Not quite sure how it all works with the met service, but even half hourly updates would be good for nz with our changeable weather. The rain can come and go in an hour! Thanks for the regular update’s on these TC”s.

WW Forecast Team on 16/03/2010 3:43am

Yes it’s a bit embarrassing that Cuba and Fiji are ahead of us.  We have expressed our concern to MetService.

Hourly updates are better than the 3 hour updates they used to have though!!  So we’re slowly making progress.

Philip Duncan

Guest on 16/03/2010 2:17am

In the eye it looks clear? What would the weather be like at the centre, is it nice and calm? Thanks

WW Forecast Team on 16/03/2010 3:06am

This eye isn’t the clearest…while the rain radar shows a perfect circle the satellite image doesn’t – meaning that it would be dry and calm in the eye but still probably cloudy.

Hurricane Hunters, which are used in America to fly into the eyes of hurricanes to take measurements, often talk about the beautiful blue skies and calm weather in the eye….but in the distance is literally a wall of cloud surrounding you.

Other accounts speak of people seeing stars when the eye of a cyclone has passed over at night.  Very eerie indeed.  There’s a part of me that would love to experience that…but only a small part!

Philip Duncan

Guest on 16/03/2010 7:59pm

I was born and raised in Suva and have experienced a number of cyclones that has hit the island nation. I can remember the eye passing over Suva in one of these cyclones. I cannot remember which one it was and in what year but yes it is very eerie. I remember we had all hurdled in one room downstairs for safety. Suddenly the wind and rain died down. So we ventured outside and looked up. Sure enough the skies were clear and stars could be seen. Very eerie indeed. Within a short while the wind and rain started up again.

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