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Shallow 4.5 quake jolts Chch

A shallow, 4.5 aftershock centred 20km southwest of the city hit just after 9.30am this morning

A sizeable aftershock has been felt in Canterbury.

The quake at 4.5 on the Richter scale was quite shallow – only 10 km deep

The aftershock at 9.39am was centred 20 km southwest of Christchurch.

GeoNet says it’s the largest quake in Canterbury for some time.

Callers to Newstalk ZB say it was felt in from Linwood to Rolleston.

Police have had no reports of damage.


Ken Ring on 30/09/2010 10:47am

As I have been on the media warning for the past two weeks, today being the northern declnation is the beginning of another potential earthquake period. This period is from 1 October till the 7th, give or take a day. The node comes into range tomorrow at 4am. In the past 24-hrs large shakes above 5mag have occurred in Hastings, Samoa, Japan, Papua NG and Southern Iran.

Gary on 1/10/2010 10:06am

Earthquakes above 5 happen somewhere every day Ken as has been explained to you many times before. Unless you are going to say specifically where it will happen, the only certainty your “warning” is giving is that you will claim to have predicted it after the event.

Ken Ring on 2/10/2010 10:16pm

On the 1st there were 17 earthquakes in Christchurch. 17 earthquakes in one day in one place is does not happen every day. I did not predict magnitudes and would never claim to, I predicted that frequency of activity before the event. Read the article on my website

Gary on 2/10/2010 11:51pm

Magnitude is kind of important Ken. As is a time and a place. So what EXACTLY are you warning?

Ken Ring on 3/10/2010 10:53am

It’s been. I was warning that the 1st would see earthquakes cluster again. They did, as GNS has posted, 17 of them. This activity period will last until Friday, with a clustering again between 6th-8th. The next period is the 13th. But the moon is moving fiurther away. I am not an earthquake expert. The geologists should be able to answer your questions about maginitude, place and depth.

Gary on 4/10/2010 6:20am

Perhaps you need to be clearer with the media then. Because some people are saying you claimed to have predicted the Christchurch earthquake, but you couldn’t have if you can’t do magnitude, place or depth.

Weather Lover on 30/09/2010 6:56am

This was the only aftershock where my bird let me know it was going to happen. He went crazy for at least one minute before I felt the quake this morning.

David - New Brighton on 29/09/2010 11:47pm

…but I was not going to get up for it…just carried on practising my grade 5 Trinity piece ‘Rio by Night’….8 – D

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