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PHOTOS (9) – Funnel cloud over Auckland

UPDATED — Photos are still coming in of a funnel cloud over central Auckland suburbs on Wednesday evening.

Have you seen anything? Let us know by posting a comment below.

If you have a photo you can upload it here

What caused this funnel cloud?

This funnel cloud was caused by a mixture of cooler air and warmer air (from yesterday’s heating) moving in different directions at different altitudes causing the clouds to rotate – therefore producing a funnel cloud. 

A funnel cloud isn’t a tornado – but a tornado is formed when the funnel cloud connects with the ground.

Not all funnel clouds become tornados.


Funnel cloud
Taken from Whitford Road on our way back to Beachlands from Howick.  Uploaded by: Rachel Galbraith.

Funnel cloud over Auckland, as viewed from Bayview.
Walked out of my house to get into the car and couldn’t believe my eyes. From my perspective it looked like it was on the ground and of a reasonable size. Uploaded by: Claire Wilkins

The funnel as seen from Mt. Wellington. Uploaded by: Kuhrt Wieneke

The funnel as seen from Mt. Wellington. Uploaded by: Kuhrt Wieneke

quite Steady for 10 min but not touching the ground, above where I live, Remuera.  Uploaded by: Bjorn Heijstra

Viewed from our window in Bucklands Beach 
Viewed from our window in Bucklands Beach – Uploaded by: Ian Gladstone

Tornado forming over Auckland
“This was amazing.  It looked as thought the tornado was above the sky tower.  It dissipated before touching the ground.  This was taken about 6-20pm” – Uploaded by: Janne Hosking

Funnel Cloud / Dan News


westcoast on 10/03/2011 4:23am

I really do not agree entirely with the description put here and then put into the media about what caused it
the main cause was sea breeze convergence and cold air aloft (i.e unstable), causing intense updraft conditions (i.e it was a rain free base, classic conditions for a funnel cloud (which if it got strong enough and reached the ground would then be a tornado (landspout to be technincal (a tornado is normaly associated with a rotating thunderstorm (mesocyclone)) to form.
after it weakened, and roped out (which was neat to watch) , as the updraft diminished, the updraft could then no longer hold the rain up in the cloud and so it suddenly opened up with rain where the funnel was

Guest on 9/03/2011 7:41pm

That picture of the cloud and the Sky Tower is fantastic! Wish I had seen this yesterday but I completely missed it. Thanks for posting pics!

Claire on 9/03/2011 8:20am

I was leaving the house to get into my car, glanced up and saw it. I’ve long been a tornado enthusiast so often think I see funnel shaped clouds from sheer wishful thinking. It took me a moment to realise that this was the real thing. After a mad dash to get my best camera and a few snaps I headed for higher ground, but was only in time to see it roping out. Funnily enough the phone picture I took of it first gave the best illustration of the storm structure.

Sarah B on 9/03/2011 8:19am

I had a fantastic view, I was saying hi to my horse on the top of a hill in Maraetai, I had a great view of the funnel cloud from there….we all stood and stared at it and it fell apart after a few minutes. I tried to take a photo on my phone but it didnt turn out too well. Fantastic evening with beautiful colours around the clouds and then this funnel too…. made my day!

westcoast on 9/03/2011 6:57am

one of the better funnel clouds I have seen!
looked great from here
very impressive 🙂
I would say there could have been some rotating/swirling winds at the ground right underneath it

Craig on 9/03/2011 6:06am

yes saw it while i was running along the tamaki river track. Appeared for probably 10-15 minutes and seemed to me to be dropping around Mt Wellington Sylvia Park. unfortunately didn’t have my camera with me.

corksta on 9/03/2011 8:07pm

I was in Mt. Wellington it was nowhere near us, much further to the west.

westcoast on 10/03/2011 6:59pm

I think it was around the Otahuhu area?

Tracey on 9/03/2011 6:00am

I saw it at Martins Bay about 2pm, I tried to take a photo but it was quickly moving behind a hill. Will check and see if the photos I did take were any good 🙂

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