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PHOTOS (8) – Impressive meteor/fireball over central New Zealand

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Meteor Trail 2 Apr 2012A Trail left by the meteor, taken from Karori, Wellington, Uploaded by: Hayden Rogers

Taken Wellington 6:33pm looking SSW Uploaded by: Anne Lear

Taken From the eastern hills in Lower Hutt, Wellington. Saw a bright, bright light that burnt out and left a trail behind it. Taken around 6.30pm, weather was sunny and calm Uploaded by: Jenna Thompson

Meteor In Porirua
Meteor left a white trail, This image was taken a few seconds after I had a glimpse of it!. Was taken in Porirua, weather was calm and not a cloud in sight.  Uploaded by: Cody Teo

A photo of the cloud left behind after meteorite taken from Upper Hutt, Wellington this evening Kylie Uploaded by: Kylie Findlay

Wasn’t quick enough to capture the object but picture is of the vapour trail in the Wellington sky just after 6pm from Kelson in Lower Hutt Uploaded by: Simon Marquis

 Meteor Trail
Smoke Trail from Meteor over Wellington – Uploaded by: Andy Capp

Meteor Trail
Uploaded by: Andy Warhol

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Guest on 2/04/2012 8:47pm

I was out on Sunday night about 6 -6.30 and on the way home with my two girls we spotted something falling in the sky. It was at the same level in the sky and close to the moon falling in a horizontal line east. We all commented on it and drove down the strret to see what was going to happen, their was no visible trail behind it. Houses in the way meant we didn’t see where it ended. It was the strangest thing,, quite exciting,,, its a ufo I told the girls.. No way was it a plane, as there were no flashing lights and because of the step desent it was taking. We live in Milton, 40 minutes south of Dunedin.

Bill 9001 on 2/04/2012 9:45am

Obviously a vapour trail from a jet flown by an extremely drunk pilot!

hitadmin on 2/04/2012 9:02pm


– PD

Lindy on 2/04/2012 9:34am

We saw this in Blenheim heading North to South was just like it fell out of the sky a bright ball that looked on fire and left a trail of smoke behind it about 6.30pm

Craig Duffield on 2/04/2012 8:53am

I think this Was 2 Hours Early than Predicted?? SZ-8 Module

Name: SZ-8 Module
Decayed: 2 Apr 2012 8:39 UTC (predicted)
Dimensions: 3 m x 2 m, cylindrical
Brightness: 5.5 mag (at 1000 km, 50% illuminated)
0.1 mag (at perigee, full illumination)
Mean magnitude estimated from object size
RCS: 6m2 (Radar cross section)
USSPACECOM Nr: 37883 Internat. Designator: 2011-063D
Orbit: 119.4 x 119.9 km, 86.9min Inclination: 42.8°

Forecasted decay of earth orbiting object in the atmosphere.
Estimated uncertainty: +/-1 hours.
Orbit data for calculation from 02.04.2012 03:46:00 UTC.
Visibility latitude interval: +/-42.7 deg

leonie & DAVE WILLIAMS on 2/04/2012 8:45am

We were driving home to our place at 6.36pm to Oio Rd Owhango and saw a great flash in the south east direction. It had a long vapour type trail behind it my husband said he thought it was a asteroid.

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