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Niwa sacks Dr Salinger

Jim Salinger says  he can't  understand why  he has lost his  job. Photo / Brett Phibbs

Jim Salinger says he can’t understand why he has lost his job. Photo / Brett Phibbs/

UPDATED Monday, April 27. asked NIWA for an official statement surrounding the sacking of Dr Jim Salinger.

Their reply was brief, saying this is a confidential matter.

“Dr Jim Salinger is no longer employed at NIWA. This is a confidential employment matter, and as such it would be inappropriate for NIWA to comment further at this time” says NIWA.

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Sacked Government climate scientist Jim Salinger is planning to take a case to the Employment Court for unjustified dismissal.

The climate change specialist, who was the principal scientist with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, has been dismissed because of what the institute alleges were unauthorised dealings with the media.

Dr Salinger says it is like a part of him has died and he has already had discussions with his lawyer. The 62-year-old says the nature of instances where NIWA claims he breached policy are trivial.

Dr Salinger was part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change which, along with former United States Vice-President Al Gore, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008.


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John Scott on 29/04/2009 6:11am

True there may be more to the issue than has been revealed by the media. Nevertheless, this bungle by management has fortuitously exposed the significance of free speech by informed people. Crown Research Institute scientists are not allowed to talk in the public square without approval. It is in the interests of a civil open and free society that scientists are encouraged to speak out and argue the toss in public. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Jim Salinger’s comments about the climate is essentially irrelevant. We need our politicians to remove the restrictions on scientists speaking in public. The removal of current restrictions can improve the quality and breadth of public discourse on a myriad of issues that affect us all.

Foehn Mackenzie on 27/04/2009 11:22am

If Jim Salinger feels his dismissal was unfair, he has every right to take his grievance through the courts. He has been a good spokesman whether official or unofficial for many years and deserves better from the organisation he has worked for for many years.

Sounds to me like a lot of bureaucratic bungling on the part of NIWA to me.

Guest on 27/04/2009 9:21am

When you are self employed you can act and speak as you please. But Salinger was just an employee and should have been complying with the instructions of his employer. I find it absolutely reprehensible that he is now trying to sue what is effectively the tax payer purse.

Kay on 28/04/2009 3:16am

Spoken like a true conformist. Obedience, after all, is important for obedience’s sake. Reasonable reasons? Sane judgments? Proportionate justice? pah! That’s for those radical 60’s folk.

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