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Frosts bite in the south

The weekend saw temperatures dive well below zero in the south over the weekend and this morning it’s a similar story.

Clear nights and calm conditions are serving up some of the heaviest frosts so far this winter with 5 to 8 degree frosts being reported and air temperatures as low as minus 7 in some inland basins.
Hoar frosts have also made an appearance in some inland basins and although they look spectacular, the icy chill can be an issue for some all day long.

Air pollution has also been on the rise with the usual centres copping some reasonably high levels.
Christchurch, Timaru, Kaiapoi  and also parts of Nelson have been reporting some smoggy nights and mornings in the settled conditions.

This week though seems to show a change for the South Island and any pollution about should not be so noticeable as winds pick up in a day or 2 from the westerly quarter.
” It’s not unusual at all to see some of the frost readings that are being recorded at the moment here in the south” says South island Weather Analyst Richard Green.
” What has been unusual is the lack of frosts so far this winter but now it seems the cold air has finally pushed through. The wind later in the week though should see them disappear for a few days over much of the Mainland” Green says.

Christchurch and Dunedin Airports have both recorded air temperatures of minus 4 degrees in the last day or 2. Timaru this morning is minus 5 with a heavy frost.

WeatherWatch suggests to take care on any shaded roads during the current belt of frosts in the south, as some areas don’t completely thaw out during the day and roads can be remain icy as a result.


David on 4/07/2011 2:53am

I remember with fondness living at Lake Tekapo in the 1980’s and waking up to minus 24c some mornings after a snowfall and then a clearance.
If the car was left in the open overnight you would find it hard to get the doors open before late morning, if you could get the key in the lock to begin with.
Where I worked (Bakery) the condensation would flow down the inside of the window and freeze on the sill, resembling a frozen waterfall.

Oh for simpler times.


Guest on 4/07/2011 4:09am

I know it can get cold in Tekapo being at 700m asl but -24 seems a bit hard to beleve given the Coldest official temperature recorded in new zealand is -21.6 at Ophir in 1995.

David on 4/07/2011 7:50pm

I may be corrected if wrong, just going from memory when told of the temperature by the folk living on Mount John at the observatory.
It was damned cold anyway.


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