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Friends of WW: This weekend – Sir Peter Leitch

This weekend we interview Sir Peter Leitch, also known as the Mad Butcher, in our new June segment: Friends of WeatherWatch.

We’ve known Sir Peter for almost 15 years through NewstalkZB and he has also been incredibly supportive of what we do here at WeatherWatch.  A big personality, a big heart – and the biggest Warriors fan to walk this earth.

We loved interviewing the Mad Butcher and asking him 10 fun questions – we hope you enjoy his answers!

Next Week: GeoNet’s Sara Page


1) Where did you grow up and what was the weather like?

Wellington. The weather was very windy and when I say “windy†i mean it used to always blow gales.  I remember times when the gusts literally blew the elderly across the road.    Winds were so strong there were times we couldn’t even open the door in the milk truck I worked on, we had to hop out the other side.


2)  What is your favourite season and why?

I love winter coz it’s rugby league time mate!


3)  Speaking of the Vodafone Warriors, what are the ideal weather conditions for Warriors victory?

A clear, fine, sunny day.


4)  What weather do you hate?

I hate the humidity of Auckland, it’s so uncomfortable mate.  I can handle summer, I can handle winter but all I can say is “thank god for air conditioningâ€


5)  What part of New Zealand has the best climate in your view?

No question about it – Waiheke Island.  Always a bit warmer [than Auckland] and it’s entirely surrounded by the sea – which we find more comforting.  A great place for kayaking.


6) Obviously you’re a fan of BBQ weather – so what’s the ideal BBQ weather?

Let me flip the question around and tell you what the worst BBQ weather is – windy weather. Wind makes the heat uneven on the plate. But if it’s strong you may not know if the gas flame as gone out – so not ideal or safe.  The wind is the worst – it’s a curse.


7) Do you like thunderstorms?

Take ‘em or leave ‘em mate. You just sit inside and enjoy the fireworks – there’s nothing you can do about it.   I can tell you the best thunderstorms I’ve ever seen was in Cuba several years ago.  Real lightning strikes like you’d never experience in New Zealand!


8)  You’re a tough guy – but there must be some weather that you run from?

Not really.  When I go out kayaking I love it when waves and winds pick up – it’s more of an adventure, a challenge – you have to push harder.  I take the weather as it comes. If it’s hot I wear shorts, if it’s cold I put on a jacket. I roll with the weather.


9) When you were a kid, did you love running around barefoot on frosty mornings?

No, I never played sport as a young kid – plus our place was all concrete in the back and it was too cold.  To be fair I’ve never actually been a barefoot kinda person.


10)  Is there any weather that could stop you from attending a Warriors final?

Actually I just experienced weather that stopped the ANZAC test in Brisbane.  While it didn’t stop me from attending, the game had to be called off because the paying fans couldn’t actually get to the stadium because of major flooding.  But as for me – No, no weather would ever push me away.

– Image / NewstalkZB
– Exclusive


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