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Franz Joseph Glacier: A reason for concern?

A website called has listed Franz Josef Glacier in its top 100 around the world as an area of concern regarding the warming of the planet and in this case the shrinking of the glacier.

Franz Josef comes in at number 25 and this brief video airs its concerns for our glacier in amongst the other 99 around the world.



tipene on 18/03/2012 8:38am

I don’t buy into it either. At the end of the day “Man” has no control of the elements of this world or predict precise outcomes of world disasters. Man may Invent instruments to co-insist with these elements which has brought about much technologies for our benefit and learning, But I still stand firm that “WE” as humans upon this earth will never truly comprehend the mysteries of this planet that we live on.

Or though there may be many scientist that believe in Global Warming, In contrast there are scientist who disagree, Because we live in a Democratic Society, that majority of 51% take away the rights of the 49% It is sad that we elect political leaders who govern, don’t allow these arguments to come to pass. This is very much a political issue, One World Government, to establish controlling power and gain which has always existed through out history on worldly matters.

Guest Steve on 20/03/2012 6:13am

Well said Tipene. When the future becomes the past the answers will be there for all open minds to see.

Guest Steve on 18/03/2012 1:30am

People of the world please wake up to the colossal con being rammed down our throats everytime something physical on this earth is changing due to “so called global warming” instead of natural conditions on this earth. It is being perpetuated by people who have agendas way beyond the good of the people of this earth.
Thank you WW for bringing this to our attention.

Guest on 18/03/2012 3:07am

whether this is due to man induced climate change or not, the event is still happening.
I don’t buy the hidden agenda argument.

David on 18/03/2012 5:20am

The hidden agenda is no longer hidden.
It is way out in the open for anybody with a working necktop computer to see.


Guest on 18/03/2012 8:18am

At it again, David? The planet is ignoring you. Still waiting for you to turn up at HT!

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