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Do you have an emergency plan?

Twice a year we change our clocks.  And with those changes comes a reminder to check the batteries in our smoke alarms. 

But what about checking your emergency supplies?  Updating your disaster plan?
In the last few years, there has been a huge uptick in the number of Kiwis who have sought to prepare for a disaster. Statistics New Zealand says that 36% of New Zealand households report being ready for an emergency.
Prior to the September 2010 Canterbury quake, that number was around 18%.
Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Managament (MCDEM) advises that you have a plan that will allow you to care for yourself and your loved ones at least 3 days.  This includes having enough food, water, first aid and other emergency supplies.  They also recommend that you have a “getaway bag”, an emergency supply kit that is easily moved if leaving your home becomes necessary.
So how many of you have a disaster plan?  Do you have an emergency kit?  Do you keep it topped off?
For more information you can go to the MCDEM’s “Get Ready Get Thru” website.
By the way, don’t forget to set your clock back one hour before going to bed.  Standard time returns at 3:00 am.
Photo by Laura Jerome
By WeatherWatch Analyst Howard Joseph 




Melissa on 31/03/2012 7:24am

Great advice David, I would also add to the list, Chocolate, wine, cash, wet wipes and poo tickets (ie loo paper), (this saying may only be funny to those who have watched the ozzy movie Kenny about a guy who works for a portaloo company!), those plastic disposable raincoats, headlamps, dust masks, garden gloves to protect hands if you have to search thru rubble etc.
I always check my smoke alarm batteries every daylight saving’s, but I have found one prominent brand of batteries doesn’t seem to last the six months like they use too.

John on 31/03/2012 3:45am

Living on the Coromandel, we check our Emergancy Kit quite often, Tsunami warnings keep you on our toes 🙂

David on 31/03/2012 3:21am

Good stuff WW.
Would pay for evreybody to make preparations for the protection of their families at home. Under no circumstances should one rely on government help in a time of chaos or natural disaster, be prepared to do it ALL yourself, that way you will be better prepared and will know that.
Have that water collected for when there is no supply for at least a week. Pet foods, dry and tinned foods for your family, is you gas bottle full and safe to use, this could be essencial for cooking and maybe heat. Do you have a tent, plastic rubbish bags to go into the ground for ablusions, no flushing loo remember. A transistor radio, plenty of torches and batteries for all of this equipment. Bandages and plasters etc, first aid equipment, clothing and coats and jackets. Babies essencials, ederly folk prscription drugs and essencials. Can openers etc, cutlery……………………..the list goes on.
And I’m spent.

Keep safe and ready and check with your neighbours.


WW Forecast Team on 31/03/2012 3:41am

Thank you David!

I’m glad you liked the article!

I also very much appreciate your comments and additional information!!


Cheers, HJ

David on 31/03/2012 3:59am

No problem WW.
Sorry about the typo’s.
Fat fingers and small keys do not go well together.

Small fingers are (essential) for that, (everyone) should know that.


sw on 31/03/2012 2:12am

That time of the year when you wonder whats the real time as some computers have already changed and some tend to change back and any clocks still on “old time”.

Stu on 31/03/2012 3:41am

If your computer is giving you the wrong time as it think Daylight saving has already ended, but it has not yet, then I suggest you may need to run Windows update and get the update for the Daylight saving times.

if you need more help, post here:

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